Friday, September 7, 2012

George Clooney is talking to me through the TV

My usual exciting Friday night has just been enlightened by George Clooney.

Here I am in my bed (by myself) cruising the Twitterworld and the Facebookworld and the Bloggersphere, having a little vino and a choccy Freddo, when George Clooney keeps demanding my attention.  He's in a movie that I haven't actually ever seen before called "Up In The Air".  It's about an executive who travels around the country firing employees. He is an expert at this horrible job and actually revels in it.

While he is training a young woman, one of the middle aged men he has sacked has his rejected attitude turned around when George has responded to his photos of his children with the following:

Sacked Man: "What am I going to tell them?"
George: "Do you know why kids admire sports stars?"
Sacked Man: "Because they date hot models?"
George: "No, that's why we admire them. They look up to them because they have lived their dreams."

There is some thoughtful time here then George goes on to say that he's noticed the man had on his resume that he majored in French cuisine. He asks him how much this company paid him on his first job to give up his dream.

That dim little bulb in my head lit up.  I've almost always been employed for the last thirty years as a secretary or something similar.  At 15, in Year 10 (or 4th Form as it was called then), my dream was to become a journalist, travel the world and write the 'Great Australian Novel'.

But the temptation of earning a wage at 16 beat the reality of achieving my dream which involved more time at school and years of study.  The truth was I was lazy.  I have no right to complain or blame it on anyone else, I gave up on my dreams for the smell of a $100 a week wage to buy me clothes and Southern Comfort.

But George made it clear it's never too late to try.


  1. It's NEVER too late, my dear. The world is your oyster...go for it!!!

  2. I wouldn't be too harsh on yourself Becci. Times were different when you were 16 and there were not really high expectations for girls - to study, or follow any dream, other than marrying and having kids. But no, never too late. Next time George talks to you, can you please tell him I like him very much.

  3. I had the same dream. Only I wanted to live in Europe and write the next great novel.

    Again, the wage won out. Pitiful as it was..

    New to your blog. Following already - we read so many of the same blogs, I just know I'm going to love being here from the 2 posts I've read.


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