Tuesday, September 4, 2012

How to avoid an 18th Birthday Party Disaster

Sometimes my big sisters have some advice that is useful.  Seeing they have been through it all before, sometimes I listen.

The idea of holding an 18th birthday party fills me with dread and of course I told my sister that when she said she was having her son's party at their house.  A cute Blue Mountains house that has just been renovated mind you.  But she was determined (though she did get a little hesitant the more horror stories I told her, heehee).  It would all "be fine" she assured me.  And just to be sure, she was NOT going to be having any more than two glasses of wine herself. Okaaaay.  That might prove to be the most difficult bit (we girls do like a vino or three).

But guess what?  It WAS fine.  Nobody bled to death or caught on fire (that's my measurement of success in most things).

Even my sister was impressed with herself.  So, to share her success she has kindly supplied her

10 Tips For Holding an 18th Birthday Party:

  1. Keep everyone outside if you have carpet, unless you know an excellent carpet cleaner.
  2. Provide lots of water and lots of plastic cups (who knew teenagers drank water?). It helps dilute the alcohol as well.
  3. Provide ashtrays (who knew teenagers still smoked?).
  4. Provide lots of recycling and garbage bags and encourage them to use them.
  5. Make sure you have lots of toilet paper and if possible 2 loos! (I live with three males - I'm not used to going through so much loo paper!).
  6. Do not leave access to your house or yard open - if you have open access then you legally cannot ask gatecrashers to leave (as the police informed us on their first visit).
  7. Inform the local police and neighbours that you are having a party at least 24 hours beforehand.
  8. Keep checking the state of the bathroom, mop at the ready! Mine ended up looking like a public toilet.
  9. Mingle. Under the pretext of meeting and greeting and picking up rubbish, you are really checking to see if any illegal substances are sneaking in!
  10. Don't stress!! You were young once too, and as long as the ambulance wasn't called then the party was a success! (The police WILL come) :)

If you have had experience with a successful teen party before, let me know of any tips you have.  If you 
have an upcoming teenager's party to arrange, I hope my sister's tips are of some use and on the big night nobody spontaneously combusts.

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  1. These are great tips and I've shared them with The Kids Are All Right readers. We've had a couple of articles from other readers who have shared their experiences, but everyone's party is different, and everyone learns different things. By the time you and I are ready Becci we'll know exactly what to do!

    1. Let's hope so (and also that we won't be too old and cranky). Thanks for sharing the post on your blog! :)

  2. hehe my parents let me invite 10 people over and then went out for dinner.. and came home to a drunken me who announced that now I was 18 I can do what I want and left the house.

  3. Great tips. These tips are also useful for a Sunday lunch at ours!

    1. That sounds like my type of Sunday lunch! I'll even bring my own mop!

  4. I'm glad we have another 9 years to wait.

    Really, really glad

    1. I have a feeling this type of party may be closer for my now 13 yr old, I've probably only got 3 yrs grace left .... oh oh!


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