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Hi, Becci here. I thought it was time for an update of who I am as the last one was from two years ago. And unfortunately I'm not 40 something any more. :(

Briefly, I'm a full time working Mum of two teenagers and a little dog, living in Sydney. I'm also married to Mr Moneymaker, a lovely, young conservative, capitalist sports addict who thinks my purpose in life is to send him crazy with my hippy dippy ideas, disorganised brain and bad housekeeping skills.

To get some relief from all of them, I write about stuff late at night and double as a secretary during the day. I'm passionate about the environment and education. No really, I am, but I also love most music spanning the last 4 decades (and some 30's blues too). I love to go out with the girls but I will only dance if its dark (and I've had the required 3 glasses of whatever).

Late at night I like to imagine myself as a part time world travelling, radio psychologist, wine taster/quaffer, writer, artist and hippy cowgirl who lives at the beach. I'm none of those things. Yet.

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  1. Hi Becci, I'm your blog swap for #IBSD, just checking out your blog. I also have a (almost) 14 year old daughter, 12 year old drama queen and younger one who is 9. Sounds like we're a good match! I look forward to getting to know your blog and hosting you on the 10th May - a fab idea!


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