Thursday, September 1, 2011

My Blog Story

I discovered the world of bloggers through a course I did at work two years ago. But I didn't get into my own personal blog until late last year. I needed to reach out to other likeminded people when I found myself without a regular friend to talk to after several changes in my life.

Firstly, we sold our snuggly old house in our snuggly old street where I had several neighbours who became friends and lifelines. Our kids played together in the street and ran through each other's houses, we babysat for each other and we borrowed cans of tomatoes, coconut milk and cloves of garlic. We popped up the shops for each other when we couldn't get away from the kids. We all shared pizzas and wine on our verandah on Saturday afternoons. Nobody knows each other in this street and though I made an attempt there was nothing in common with my new neighbours.

As we moved house, our children also changed schools, one to a new primary and one started high school. That was a whole new circle of mums and dads to get to know and a whole lot of new names that I will never remember (one of my brain deficiencies, forgetting names!). It was even a new soccer team for our son.

On top of all that my best friend moved to Melbourne along with her two children who had grown up with my two like brothers and sisters. It's not the same sitting on the balcony alone with a glass of wine without her and I haven't been out dancing at a pub in ages.

So I spend alot of time on couch with my laptop reading about and commenting on a whole other world of friends and opinions and problems and happenings. I laugh occassionally and feel a little sad for some and there is even the long comfortable silences similar to when my best friend and I just sat and shared a drink without having to say anything. It doesn't compare to the real thing, but blogging will fill in for me until I can catch up with live human beings again. At least I'm not drinking alone.

p.s. the next time will be in 3 weeks when she comes to stay for the school holidays - a house full of kids will definitely see us out on the balcony solving world problems over sav blanc!


  1. Gosh it must have been hard for you to move. I hope you have a wonderful time catching up with each other again. I love the comfortable silences that come with good friendship.

  2. It was a little hard Laney, but seeing I've moved house 38 times in my life, it's normal - and I do love this house.


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