Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Photo Challenge Catchup

Hold on for another (and the last) 30 Day Photo Challenge catchup from me, inspired by Tina Gray but by no means as artistically beautiful as hers.

Day 24 - Something I shouldn't have bought. Could not help myself in Tree of Life shopping with friends - it was only $10 - and has a pixie hood! And pockets! And it would definitely embarass my family (have not worn it yet).

Day 25 - Souvenir from a vacation. As a collector of Buddha's you would think when I'm on my first holiday to Thailand I would've found an outstanding sample. Sadly, no. Left it too late and it took me ages to choose this one from Bangkok airport.

Day 26 - Something that means alot to me. I could bore you with another pic of my munchkins (I've slipped one in later anyway!), but here are a few things that mean alot to me: photo taken of hubby and me on a night out in the first two weeks we were together; my late mother's silver locket; some stone eggs my late father gave me; a photo of the 'Bird women' circa 1987 at one of many NYE parties; a short story my Dad wrote from his childhood in Yorkshire after nagging from me.

Day 27 - My handwriting. This is the first page of the diary I started after leaving my first husband and rediscovering life at 30.

Day 28 - Something purple. When we found this house last year I knew I had to have it as it had big walls of my favourite colour. This is behind the TV so I can look at it every night (also blatant show off shots of my kids and the print I won from Little Branch).

Day 29 - Something in my fridge. My daughter made this Caramel Slice yesterday with added tiny marshmallows. It is deeelish!

Day 30 - Me. Hate getting my photo taken and trying to take it myself is even harder. I tried to pose like a professional (like my daughter) but just.can' My husband chose this one as the best one (???).

So there you go Tina Gray! I didn't realise the challenge I had put my self under!! Maybe it became more difficult because I am almost always doing these posts at around 11pm at night and not at my best when it comes to presentation. Which means I have learned that I need to try harder when posting photos and also I should have made a new page to put all these on. Not sure how I can move them easily so here they are to stay! I've also realised my blog needs a lot of work so that's my next challenge - any advice anyone?

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  1. Terrific photos, Becci! I'm loving that purple wall! I think I'm done doing these challenges for a little while. How hard is it REALLY to take a photo a day! haha!


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