Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Sunday with Mizuno, Morgan, Lucy and Scarlett

Last Sunday we found ourselves in a shopping centre with no real purpose except to find coffee. This was after browsing in a bike shop down the road for Mr Moneymaker (he's been riding, spariodically, a bent $20 model from the local garage sale for awhile now).  So what do we do when we want to fill in an afternoon? We go to the movies!

The only movie that mum, dad and son could agree on was Lucy but it wasn't on for an hour so I took the opportunity to get myself a new pair of runners.  I know, I don't run.  But that morning I took part in the annual Bay Run and actually ran for some of the 7 kms.  It almost killed me and I'm still walking two days later like I've had a double hip operation, but I ran further than I ever had before.  Therefore I thought I had better get some good support. I had tried a pair of fancy ones on at the finish line (they had sports retailers hawking there of course) which were 'on special' for $180!!!

I'm a bit frugal when it comes to spending money on clothes and shoes for me, so I couldn't really justify that much when I'm likely to only put them on twice a week at most.  But I noted the Japanese brand (Mizuno) which had great support and there they were on sale in Footlocker for only $80! Winner!  The only downside is they are butt ugly. A sort of pinky purply colour.  And not a nice pinky purply either.  But it doesn't matter, they feel good and hopefully next time I wear them I'll be able to run and not end up walking like a wooden doll.

The movie Lucy was full on.  If you don't know of the movie (in fact the title just reminds me of a troublesome Rottweiler I once owned), it stars Scarlett Johansson who inadvertently takes a new super drug into her body which, frankly, gives her super powers and then kills her within days.  After growing her brain capacity to 100% of course.  Sounds a bit science fictiony but I found it thought provoking.  And pretty cool. Plus Morgan Freeman is in it.

There was a bit of shocking violence in it which in hindsight, was probably not appropriate for my 11 year old son to watch, but he enjoyed the action scenes and the concept that dolphins use more of their brain than we do.

So all three of us got something out of it as Mr Moneymaker now has a new star crush as he's sacked Cameron Diaz because she's getting to close to his own age.  So thanks Scarlett, for making it that much harder for me to put the lights on ever again.

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  1. Hubster and I have been planning to see Lucy, as it sounds intriguing - but a couple of people have since told us not to bother as it's rubbish. I'm glad to hear your review isn't as negative as I doubt I will be able to talk hubby out of going to see it! (Hmm maybe Scarlett Johanseen is the drawcard for him too, he did suggest calling our new kitty Scarlett ...)

  2. Oh yes, running shoes are crazy expensive. I do run a bit though, and I learnt very quickly that the right pair of shoes is worth every penny. Ask me how I know... LOL.

  3. I hadn't even heard of Lucy!
    I don't mind the pinky/purple ones. If they are just for exercise it's not bad.


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