Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Dinner anyone?

Tonight I'm not discussing getting used to driving to and from work each day and trying to find ways to keep myself amused for 40 minutes each way.

I'm not discussing how I watched the slow decomposition of a cute black kitten on the median strip of Epping Road every day, how I considered stopping the first time I saw it to check to see if it really was dead (which would have probably killed not only me but the dozens of drivers that were zooming up at me at 80kms/hr).

I'm not discussing how I attempted to dress as what I thought would be a sexy female gangster in a pin stripe suit for a Great Gatsby themed party on the weekend, but I just ended up looking like an old lesbian with a machine gun.

I'm not discussing how I vowed (yet again) to join the gym (which is a two minute walk from my office) and make the most of it by building my upper arms so that I won't end up with chicken wings and strengthening my core so I can attempt to run at least some of the Bay Run this year, but have only been three times in four weeks.

I'm not discussing how surprised I was that when I had to put my phone in for a repair, I really missed it. I worried my photos had disappeared into the big grey cloud and I would never see all those invaluable text messages I was keeping for some unknown reason.

But I do want to talk about something I would really love to go to and have been waiting about a year for the opportunity.

My favourite magazine, The Collective, is hosting a dinner at The Commons in Sydney next Monday night and if I buy myself a ticket, I can take a friend along for free!  So if you're interested in really good food along with chatting with creative and inspirational people, plus an opportunity to ask Collective's editor, Lisa Messenger, any question you can think of - give me an 'Oi'.

You never know, that great idea you have in your bottom drawer might just gain some legs.
*Joining Essentially Jess for IBOT*


  1. Great magazine. Poor kitty and I'm sure you looked smokin' in your Gatsby outfit x

  2. Sorry to hear the drive to work is a pain. Seems like none of escape it anymore in Sydney. Our suburb has 3 exit/entry points..to Old Windsor Road or Sunnyholt Road which all lead to M7 and then M2...and around 5000 families live here! C R A Z Y. Do you like your new job??

  3. I loved hearing about all the thing you're not talking about. :)
    40 minutes is a pain to drive. Giggling at the image of you as a lesbian with a machine gun xx

  4. Nothing like Sydney traffic to really kill time huh? And that is horrible about the kitten, poor little thing. I've never heard of the Collective magazine, I'll have to check it out. Hope you have an awesome time!


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