Friday, May 9, 2014

International Blog Swap Day - Introducing Suzanne from UK's '3 Children and It'

I'm going global today, well reaching the UK anyway. I've signed up to take part in Digital Parents and Tots100's International Blog Swap Day 2014 where Aussie/NZ bloggers are paired up with a whole list of UK bloggers and we get to swap blog posts for the day.

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I was paired with the lovely Suzanne from 3 Children and It who lives south of London in a beautiful village.  Please visit her blog and give her some Aussie hospitality.  She's kindly answered some questions I've put to her so we can get to know her a little.  I've also answered some of her questions and she has hosted me on 3 Children and It for the day.  (Seeing this happens to fall on our Friday, I've also killed two birds(!) with one stone and linked up With Some Grace for #FYBF).

Well this is all very exciting isn't it? If you're not quite sure what's going on, I'm Suzanne and I'm a thoroughly British blogger who has been given full permission to hijack Becci's blog for the day. I blog over at 3 Children and It about family life and all the highs and lows that come with parenting 1 Teenager and 2 Tweens, plus a little pooch who we all love dearly. 

In honour of International Blog Swap Day (yes, it was new to me too) Becci has given me free rein to say whatever I like. Well not exactly, she's actually provided me with some alarmingly thought-provoking questions, so here goes....

1. What era/decade/century would you have loved to live in besides now and why?

When I saw this, my heart sunk a little. I could conjure up some high falutin response but in all honesty, I'm not a romantic or a dreamer so have no burning desire to be anywhere other than the here and now. Having said that, I am somewhat drawn to period dramas (think Jane Austen) and although my husband rarely allows me to watch them, I do hanker after those cover-all dresses that hide a multitude of sins and the oh-so-polite courting that goes on. Wouldn't life be easier with teenagers in this era?!

2. What 'thing' that you own, will you never never never throw out (eg. old teddy bear, photo or keepsake)?

So this one got me thinking. Most items that hold sentimental value for me are more to do with my children, than my own childhood. Shall I let you into a secret? I have kept every single one of their teeth! Yes it's a little bit gross but I could never part with those.

Something slightly less 'weird' would be books. I haven't been able to keep every single book we have ever read together but there are a handful which were poured over night after night and these ones will be kept in a safe place to read with my Grandchildren one day (not just yet please!). 

My mum recently 'blessed' me with all of my old school reports from age 10 upwards. We had such fun reading through them, realising that I wasn't quite the 'swot' that I thought I was - my kids certainly enjoyed that bit! Although they aren't a vital part of life, it meant a lot that she had kept them....obviously I've now got to find a home for them amongst all the clutter. Thanks Mum! (picture of school reports).

3. What was the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you, either in childhood or adulthood?

Weirdly, I don't remember very much about my childhood - I take that as a good sign! I do recall referring to the teacher as 'mummy' on a few occasions (not cool) and my devoted mother offering to attend every school trip going (again, not cool). My sister and I eventually stopped bringing the letters home, in the hope that this would stop. Bless her, I know now that she was only trying to support us and her commitment to the cause was admirable but shameful at times too!

You may notice that I am avoiding talking about embarrassing moments from my adulthood. All I can say is it usually involves me and my big mouth....suffice to say, I'm learning.

4. What do you love most about where you live?

We live in the South East of England (about 1 hour from London) in what can only be described as 'suburbia'. We can walk into a medium-sized market town, the kids can catch a train into a slightly bigger town with better shops but we also have lots of green and wooded areas in which to walk the dog. It is very family orientated and was in fact voted the best town for families to live in the UK - deeming it the safest place. Enough said!

5. If you could be a person in history's mum, who would it be?

Argh! See my first sentence in response to question 1!  Gosh, what a loser, I can't think of anyone.....expect maybe Hitler, in the hope that I could stop him from doing all of those horrific things.

On that (rather depressing) note, I will sign off. Lovely to meet you all *waves* and if you fancy hopping over to my blog then I would love you to drop by. I can't promise tea and cake but I can promise a warm welcome.  You can find me on Twitter or 'like' my page on Facebook too. No excuses!

Thanks Suzanne!  x


  1. Love, love the Jane Austen era!

    Thanks ladies for taking part in #IBSD14. x

  2. Thank you for allowing me to hijack your blog Becci!

  3. Had to pop over as one of Suzanne's best blogging friends in the UK. I too have kept all of my kids' teeth (and they still haven't found them, even though they definitely don't believe in the tooth fairy!)

  4. I'm another of Suzanne's blogging friends in the UK and it was fun reading what she had to say on another persons' blog. Teeth? Yes, my kids have devotedly kept all those for me. Fav kids books? Ditto. Most sentimental thing i've kept? Sand from Bolders Beach in Capetown South Africa where tiny penguins live, which remind me of an kids TV prig i used to watch as a kid. It sits in my Hurricane Candle holder that we use in the summer. (PS you can tell my blog swap partner didn't ask me these questions!). S

    1. I've been to Boulders Beach too Siobhan! Amazing place :)


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