Friday, May 2, 2014

Ladyboys, True To Be You

I was going to sit down and write a post about serious shit, like finding your place, mid life crisis, inspirational people and letting people know the true you.

But I watched 'Ladyboys' on ABC2 instead.

(Sahara on the left)*
So much more entertaining.

Its about the Miss International Queen pageant (the transgender equivalent of Miss World) being held in Pattaya, Thailand, where we took the family a few years ago for a holiday.  I guess the capital of Ladyboy city is a strange place for a family vacation, but it certainly opened their eyes.

You've got to give it to the those little boys who want to grow up to be big, busty, beautiful ladies. They know what they want, they've gone through so much pain, discrimination and harassment to be true to themselves, to their souls.

Not happy with your hair colour? Dye it.  Not happy with your weight?  Diet.  Not happy with your genitals? Take hormones, get a boob job and remove your tackle.

But seriously (apologies for the last paragraph to anyone going through the transgender process), if they can go through all that just so they can be the person they were meant to be, why can't everyone?

I'm sure the majority of us are being exactly what we need to be, but for those who complain they've never felt free to be themselves (including myself), be it from family, work or cultural restrictions, have a think about the boy called Sahara. He grew up in Nigeria and was beaten and considered evil, not only by his community but by his parents because he was 'different'. Sahara couldn't help what he was, but he stayed true to himself, left the negative people behind and moved to London to become the beautiful woman who became First Runner Up Miss International Queen (of course Miss Thailand came first, its fixed I tellzya!).

Anyway, moral to the story - don't watch ABC2 on Friday nights when you should be writing quality shit.

Or the other moral to the story ..... be brave and let your ladyboy out!  It probably won't involve genital surgery.

*Warning - DO NOT SEARCH LADYBOYS ON GOOGLE IMAGES!!!!  It is entirely X rated and will give the delicate of nature nightmares forever.

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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Ladyboys, isn't it the best? Is there a new series? I saw some a few months back. They are totally hotter than most females I know! :)


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