Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Walk Thoughts

As I was doing my weekly bay walk with my furry friend (Sydney the Schnoodle, not Mr Moneymaker), I was having the usual hundred or so random thoughts zooming through my head which I was hoping would form into a blog post.  Though no creative explosion happened, I thought I might have created a phrase for what happens in my head that I can create a list from. It is

"Walk Thoughts"

So here are some of the Walk Thoughts that zoomed through my brain on Sunday:

  • I've never seen a smiling runner.
  • I wonder if dogs are actually embarrassed when they use a tree as a toilet?
  • Why does my dog reverse his back legs UP the tree to have a poo?
  • Why do my sunglasses fall off everytime I bend over to pick up poo? Is my head too small? 
  • What is that throbbing pain in my ankle?
  • I wonder if there is any wine left in my fridge?
  • Why would anyone take their dogs for a walk in a carriage attached to your bike? Don't dogs love to walk?
  • Why do cyclists still ride on a very narrow road when there's a perfectly good bike track right next to them? Do they realise how angry those drivers stuck behind them are?
  • Why is my knee punishing me?
  • Come to think of it, all the wine is gone. It will have to be a vodka and tonic.
  • I wish I could run, I might be able to get rid of this spare tyre then.
  • Damn, the hole in my shoe is getting bigger (mental note, remember to cut toenails).
  • Why does Mothers' Day never live up to expectations? Even when you have the most minimal of expectations (like wishing that everybody would just get along for one day!)
  • How does my phone know exactly what kind of songs I need at certain moments - can anyone notice that I'm walking in time to R.E.S.P.E.C.T.?
  • Why hasn't anybody emailed me back about all those job applications I sent out?
  • What is that dinghy which looks like an indoor shower (or toilet?) doing in the middle of all those boats? 
  • Why does my dog hate black labradors? And more importantly, why does every cattle dog and pitbull type dog want to eat Sydney?
  • How come my knee and ankle pain moved to my opposite hip?
  • I hope I can still walk really fast for 7 kms when I'm in my 60's and 70's.
  • There's that woman that seems about five years older than me that sometimes runs around the bay in a funny stiff shuffle and sometimes walks (like now) with her dog (that is a blond version of mine) really fast, just like me. We smile at each other every time.
  • I think I might mix my vodka and tonic with that really nice lemon and lime cordial and sit on the balcony.
My mind keeps going but my body stops and goes upstairs to my drink on the balcony. Life's too heavy to think too much.

Boat Toilet or Shower?


  1. You've never seen me run then!
    Cyclists sometimes ride on the very narrow road because of the excessive amounts of smashed glass on some bike paths. Some know and don't care about the drivers. Others, they're just selfish!
    The dinghy - he's just too cool or hipster, take your pick.

    The thoughts that go through our head are quite funny. Hope the pains are gone :)

    1. Thanks, the pain stops as soon as I sit and sip. The cyclists around the bay really should appreciate the very new and clean path the council has expanded just for them.

  2. Life is certainly too heavy to think too much.
    But as for your first walking thought - runners aren't smiling while it's happening but I can vouch for the endorphins that kick in afterwards. You should try it ;) x

    1. You know I might just start. There's a fun run coming up in August (care to join me?) Any tips for a beginner?

  3. Haha, that dinghy is hilarious - wtf.

  4. I love that you recorded all these thoughts! I think similar things when I walk too. Though a lot less about your dog and knee cause that would be weird :)

  5. We used to live on a designated bike path, and were astonished at how many cyclists would ignore it and ride on the road - much more dangerous - even though it was a quiet street (except for bike traffic!) it wasn't very wide.

    My mind does this when I am trying to go to sleep - annoying much!!!

    Visiting today from #teamIBOT xxx

  6. Seriously, a smiling runner? I'm going to have to check this out! That's fascinating...(seriously, you may've just blown my mind - the little things really amaze me!)


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