Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Breaking Bad Habits

I know I'm usually a bit late to get into Whats Hot (or What's Quiche - see, I'm in the loop!).  But I've had stuff on, big stuff (that might have been a direct quote from Family Guy just now. I really shouldn't watch TV while I'm writing).

What I'm getting at is I've finally got around to watching the first season of Breaking Bad.

It's so good.

I'm hooked.  How can a story about a sad science teacher turned meth cooker and dealer (with a bit of murder thrown in), be so enthralling?

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In fact, I'm just controlling myself from watching another episode fom Season Two instead of doing my IBOT post.

I realise that Season Five is being shown now and I'm consciously avoiding accidentally coming across an episode that might ruin the previous four seasons for me.  I noticed a headline on smh.com.au yesterday saying that an alternative ending has been made showing the whole thing was a dream and shows a picture of 'Walt' waking up next to his wife from 'Malcolm in the Middle'.  I didn't click through to see anything further in case they had written what the real ending was and my addiction would be ruined. Never like to know how a movie or book ends. In fact I've got a real aversion to reading books for the second time. Or watching movies I've seen before (unless its Mouline Rouge of course).

I'm not often addicted to TV series.  There's been a few though, mostly after the hype has passed me by and I would have been saying "I must get that box set out and watch it one day". Namely 'Love My Way', 'Rake', 'Sons of Anarchy'.  Some others I just haven't got around to watching like 'Girls' and 'The Wire'.

But now I have to stop and make this post a bit shorter than normal.  I really need to watch another episode of Breaking Bad.

What's your TV addiction?

*Joining with Essentially Jess for #IBOT*


  1. The bachelor Austalia... Can't wait for tomorrow night's episode. Who will get the ring??? I love reality TV even if I have only lately found out its not always real :((( oh and I love watching Jaime too haha....quiche

  2. Like you, I am often late to the 'TV series party'. I watched Homeland only after everyone had seen season 2 and I still haven't seen Breaking Bad. A friend was extolling its virtues recently so it's on my 'To Watch' list. Am currently re-watching my favourite French crime series, Engrenage (or Spiral - English title). There are 4 seasons and I'm really hoping they'll make another. Other brilliant series include Borgen (Danish) and Real Humans (Swedish). Tricky to get hold of but well worth the effort! (I made my debut on IBOT yesterday, it's fun :)

  3. I'm also often late to the party with TV shows. I've just finished watching season 1 of breaking bad after my husbands insistence. Other series I've gotten into late have been the west wing and also Burn Notice.

  4. I was totally addicted to this when it first came out! And then Dexter and then I became a blogging addict!

  5. I want to watch it, cause I've heard such great things about it, but it's a matter of time around here!
    My fave is always Grey's anatomy of course. I just can't go past it :)


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