Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Blah Days

I'm having Blah Days. A lot of them.  It might have something to do with coming to the end of the year, feeling generally flabby and pale, uninspired with no direction.

Or it could be that I really regret leaving my old job before it actually ended and jumped into what I thought would be a good professional move. It wasn't.

It could be that that career move has me not wanting to get up in the morning (even more than usual).

So I have plans in place to change. I just have to have patience for things to happen. I can do that.  I have lots of patience. As long as I know something better is coming along, I can survive. And get myself out of bed in the mornings.

Then again, it could be I've been eating too much cheese.


But there's always something on YouTube that will cheer me up (and remind me of BBBBB):

*Joining with Essentially Jess for IBOT*


  1. Hope the Blah is gone soon. Cheese has much to answer for but I do love it too ! IBOT

  2. Know what you mean, blah days (weeks, months) are bad, but then there is a good side - they stop. And you wouldn't know or appreciate the non-blah days without the blah... :)

  3. Do not under-estimate the impact of an ill-fitting job. Good luck with finding the next step, and a better fit. And I don't think you need to apologise for this post at all??!!


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