Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Birthday and tarts from the afterlife

My little Nugget turned 11 last week.  He's not so little anymore but he's still damn cute (coming from a biased Mum, I confess). In fact I have no idea how Mr Moneymaker and I produced such beautiful specimens as our children (we’re not bad, but we're no oil paintings).

I turned 11 this morning!

Nugget had a four day celebration - dinner at his favourite restaurant on his birthday, Friday night he had three mates over to go see Thor 2, more pizza and back for a sleepover (which went until 3.30am!!). Saturday night he went to see Sydney FC play with his Dad and Sunday morning he got to go horse riding with his Mum for two hours out at Campbelltown (just as enjoyable for me as for him – I even remembered how to trot!). Then it was lunch at Mt Annan Hotel with the family.

I don't know who was more exhausted, us or him. At least Nugget got to sleep all Saturday afternoon and in every car trip over the weekend.  We're still trying to catch up!

While we were out at Mt Annan, the sister-in-law, mother-in-law and I sneaked off to visit the Camden Psychic Fair, which was actually a dozen tables and chairs in the Community Centre with some crystal and reiki stalls thrown in.

My MIL was keen to go see if her recently departed Mum had any message for her but unfortunately, she couldn't afford to book the 20 minutes for herself.  So I thought I might wangle one of the mediums to see all three of us at once and see what turned up.  The selected psychic wasn't up for that as she said that it would be too hard to concentrate on all the incoming messages.  So I ended up sitting with her on my own, as I had paid the fee.  But I promised I would ask after Nan for her.

The session turned out to be quite interesting.  I didn't give anything away (I don't think) but she wanted to tell me that they (the spirits around her) knew that I had a good marriage and should feel content there, but she was hearing that I still felt like I hadn't achieved what I needed to.  That I should go and start studying, that I had talked about it for ages, that it may have something to do with counselling teens, probably those with drug addiction.  Well, I won't say I hadn't considered a similar career choice in the last few years, but she virtually told me to pull my finger out and get on with it - the time is now!  We’ll see if it fits in with career plans next year.

She then started to get a cough and gagged a little as she said an elderly woman was trying to get her attention, that wasn’t my Mum or Grandmother, who had some trouble breathing or eating before she passed. The old woman kept saying the name Maria, who seemed to be very close to her. I said it might be my husband’s Nan, that I wasn’t sure about the throat problems, but she was cared for by her granddaughter, Marie. She wanted Marie to know that she was fine now. When I told my MIL this, she let me know that yes, Nan had a lot of trouble swallowing during the last weeks of her life.  I’m not sure how much this was speculation on the psychic’s part, but the news made my MIL happy.

Before my time was up, I asked the psychic if there was anything from my parents.  After she told someone off to her right who was pulling her hair to get her attention (Mum, is that you?), she was getting a word image of Dancing Man. Someone who loved dancing, rhythms, rock and roll. She said he was swinging someone round and twirling them. I guess this was Dad as did love to dance and he and Mum used to perform Rock n Roll dancing when they were young (and well into their sixties too).  He told her that I needed to play music and dance more, which I love to do and just don’t always get the chance to. She made me promise I would at least put music on in the house at every opportunity. 

Her last message from him was very obtuse.  She asked me if his or Mum’s favourite food was pies and custard tarts. Well, they liked them but I don’t remember them saying it was the best meal of their lives.  After I told my sister about it, she wondered if it was anything to do with both her daughters having worked in bakeries. Maybe, but I just hope it was Mum and Dad telling me I need to go down to the pie shop and pig out.  

If I start doing that, I’ll be joining them in the afterlife sooner than I expected!

I didn’t expect too much, nothing shocking or enlightening, the experience left me a little satisfied and also a little perplexed. Wouldn’t you think all those circling, dancing, tugging spirits might have some earth shattering advice or insight? Custard tarts? Someone give me a clue!

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