Friday, November 29, 2013

Apologies and Cheer

Please accept my apologies for my last post. The quality reflected my demeanor at the time and it was noted it was not one of my better attempts (even Mr Moneymaker stated it was the worst blog post he had ever read - luckily he hasn't read my early work).  I promise not to expose you to that twaddle again. Hopefully.

And now for something completely different.... a little song to cheer this chilly, wet day by a couple of my favourite TV characters from Scrubs:

"Baby Its Cold Outside" - Zach & Donald Holiday Video

I have no idea why its cold outside, its friggin' November!  Which brings me to my next point - it's friggin' Christmas in four weeks!!!!  How did that happen?  By this time last year I had done half the shopping already, both online and in the shops.  When I realised how close it was today, I pulled out last year's spreadsheet to start filling in my list and checking it twice.

But then I got distracted.  I saw one of the first Christmas themed shows tonight, "The Living Room", which showed the typical styling tips for classy Christmas tables, one colourful contemporary and one vintage elegant.  Nice, but its not going to happen in this house.  I'm not that obsessed.  But I started thinking it would be nice to have a Christmas Eve Dinner Party with a few close friends before the big day with the big family.  And it would be nice to make the place look a little classy, like I give a damn.  Which I really do, but as soon as I start attempting to 'style', something just doesn't go right and I stick with the basics.

But then there's always Pinterest.

You can totally lose yourself in that place.  Type any subject and you'll think all your Christmases have come at once. Literally!

a fraction of what you can find on Pinterest

The other great thing about Christmas is the socialising.  And I'll be starting the celebrations as soon as tomorrow.  The yearly Christmas Workshop with Penny and Working Mums Masterclass is on and I've always tried to attend every one of them.  There's always lovely people and lovely things, and a great chance to see my bloggy friends.  Presenters include the very smart Kylie Ofiu, the very sassy Gemma King and the very statuesque Penny Webb herself.

So as soon as I watch my daughter smash her way through her basketball finals tomorrow morning, I will be hoofing it off to Lane Cove for an afternoon of mood boarding, tip collecting and getting that Christmas feeling and hopefully getting inspired.

Have you started preparing for the big red suited visitor?

*Joining up to With Some Grace for #FYBF*


  1. I've barely done anything and I'm like you in the style department.It never goes the way I plan and with 2 x 7yrs old - why would I bother.
    I wish I was going to a masterclass though.

  2. Stephanie AndersonFriday, 29 November, 2013

    See you at the Masterclass x - Stephanie

  3. I am really glad I am not distracted by the need to beautify my place - I think others in my life think I could do with a little more of that distraction! Have fun at the masterclass Becci, and hopefully I'll see you soon. x

  4. DUDE - you have a spreadsheet!?!?! I call that mega-organised! I'm impressed. I just started shopping online on click-frenzy day last week, even for the kids. Ooops. And i just linked up with Grace on SATURDAY. As you can see I'm not doing too well with keeping on top of life. Santa's not going to be too pleased with me. Potatoes in my stocking this year for sure.


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