Friday, December 6, 2013

He was the Little Red Rooster

Do you think there's an age limit to some jobs.  For example, you won't see many elderly bricklayers, firemen, lumberjacks or professional sportsmen or women.

But what about rock legends? When should they retire?

Now anybody that knows me, knows I'm a Rolling Stones tragic. I still maintain they are the greatest rock band that have ever strut their stuff on the global stage.  I've seen them three times (two times that I can actually remember!).  My first sexual dream was all about Mick.  As a teen, I had a poster on the wall next to my bed of him wearing a red leather jumpsuit.

So when it was announced that the greatest band on earth was going to come to Sydney one last time, I should have been devising ways to get that elusive ticket. But I was all “meh, why bother, they just don’t have it anymore”.  Don’t get me wrong, I still listen to their music, but I feel that Mick just doesn’t have that presence on stage like he did 10, 20, 30(!) years ago.

If I got the same thrill seeing him live as I did the first time, I would sell Mr Moneymaker’s left testicle to get a ticket up in the mosh pit (alongside several old age pensioners).  But seeing and hearing him on the TV lately is a bit disappointing and just a little sad.

I’ve always said there’s no age limit to music, you can’t be too old to love new music or too young to love old music.  And if a musician is still enjoying and producing the same quality they were at their peak, there should be no reason to stop.

But there’s something about a 70 year old man strutting around on stage as if he’s still the sex god he used to be that’s just wrong.  Yes people who know me, I’m admitting that I don’t have the same feelings for the Mick I used to.

I will just have to contend with the memories of this gorgeous creature.

At least Bon Jovi still stirs my loins – and the wonderful thing is I DO have a ticket to see him next week!

What legend have you always loved that you have to admit is past it?


  1. I hear you...there is something a bit off with a 70 year old still coming across as being a sex symbol when they're not. I am envious that you are seeing Bon Jovi though...he's still hot! People I've been mad about as a teen are still in their 40s or 50s and don't look past it yet...

  2. I have mixed feelings about old performers/singers/actors. As long as their performances are still powerful, it's not as if they're asking us to sleep with them, ha ha. Iva Davies has sure still got it. A great Icehouse show at the Enmore earlier this year. If I've revered someone, perhaps the crush just goes down a notch but doesn't fizzle. :)

  3. They are still great rockers, and I suppose they don't feel like they've lost their sex appeal, but you are right, they SO HAVE! Elvis always rocked by boat!


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