Saturday, November 2, 2013

Little picture or big?

I'm trying to see the little picture.  The big picture is too big.  If I can take a picture of a good moment and believe that's what its all about, life is a whole more enjoyable.  I read in one of the Sunday mags the other day how someone remembered how their teacher showed them how to take a picture of a moment they wanted to remember, not snapping it with the phone and sharing it with the world on Instagram like most of us do, but framing it with your mind, remembering the place, the time, the smells, the sounds, your feelings and filing it away very carefully in your head so you can bring out anytime you need to.  She now has a library of very detailed memories that she can pull out anytime she needs.

If I think about the big picture, its like setting a goal that's way too hard to achieve.  There are people that are excellent at doing that. And then there are people like me who revel in the detail.

For example, Mr Moneymaker is in China this week, on his way to completing his big picture. He can see that all the pain of travelling, shitty hotels, being away from his family, will all be worth it when he achieves his dream.  He sets goals and reaches them.

I see detail and have very vague and fairytale like visions of where I want to be.  So I jump from one little project to another without any real plan.  But that's alright because otherwise I might miss the small moments that makes up my life.  Like the image of my little Nugget sleeping next to me last night, cuddled up with his favourite stuffed animal, Rah the Tiger.  He was full of Halloween lollies and buzz from a party.  Makes the shitty things that happened during the day fade. Also makes me want to be 10 years old again.

Now I know I've got a pretty good life. Not alot of hardship in the last 16 years. Even typing that makes me nervous about attracting bad luck, not that I'm superstitious or anything ... But I know I had quite a bit of shit in the 16 years before that so it all evens out eh?

All this is dribbling out because I've been thinking about a few people who are having a really shitty time and like most humankind, I'm grateful I'm not going through it but still don't wish they were either. Why does crap happen to nice people? Why doesn't the wrath of whatever fall on those dicks that cruise through life, seeping bad kharma onto others? I'm a fan of kharma, but sometimes my faith in it falters.

In the end I know I'll still wake up tomorrow wishing I could keep sleeping, get the shits about the state of my filthy house and yell at my kids to get ready quicker so we're not late for basketball. The usual stuff.  But I might just remember the point of that movie, About Time, and enjoy the lovely stuff around me that I forget to look at.

Like this little bugger.

Rah (he left him behind for me tonight)

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  1. A lovely post and salutary advice in this day of snapping every image we see to post on social media (my teen daughter barely enjoys the moment as she's so busy sending snapchats!) I like that idea you read about in the mag - to live in the moment, really enjoy it, storing it in your mind's eye for future reference. :)

  2. A lovely and salutary post - a good reminder to live in the moment and cherish it, storing it for later rather than constantly snapping pics to post off somewhere :)

  3. Haha...a third comment! My initial one took so long to materialise I wrote another... :)


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