Friday, August 2, 2013

Its the little things

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Its the little things that shite me.

Things like idiot P platers speeding through school zones during school pick up time.

Things like the lollipop man glaring at me because I beeped the P plater in front because I didn't think he was going to stop at the crossing when the kids were walking across. Mr Lollipop must have thought I was a mad woman when I beeped P plater again because he was about to take off again before the crossing was clear.  I honestly wasn't beeping for him to take off!  I even went back 20 minutes later to explain to him I really was trying to protect him but the Lollipop was nowhere in sight.  I've decided I must never drive down that street again between 3pm and 4pm.

Other little things that really make me see red:
  • Crumbs in the bed.
  • Lolly wrappers left on floor, chairs, bedrooms and in my car where a waiting family of ants are there to multiply and bite me on the unmentionables while I'm driving (this actually happened to me while I was wearing AntzPantz - the irony almost killed me, not to mention me swerving into oncoming traffic with the pain).
  • Stickers from apples left on every available surface (found one on my husband's head one night while he was asleep).
  • Browning apple cores left everywhere
  • The constant sound of a bouncing soccer ball in the hallway (this is happening right now)
There are big things that also shite me, like
  • Big corporations that crush the small businesses that are trying to make an honest living.
  • Governments refusing to protect the earth so they can profit from the taxes.
  • Companies that seem to think putting a perfectly good food in as much packaging as possible will make it more appealing (wrapping bananas in Styrofoam and Gladwrap – WTF?).
  • Seeing the same amount of drink bottles and fast food wrappers floating in the bay every week, no matter how many times there’s a clean up by the council (where does it all come from? Do people still throw rubbish out their car window?).
  • Watching traumatised kids come through the system unnoticed and ending up in more trouble then anyone deserves (how can so many people turn their back?).
  • Cliché male mid life crises.  Not the sports car/motorbike/gym obsession ones, that’s fine, it’s the ones that suddenly find they can get attention from young and attractive women and decide that a few weeks/months/years of new sex is worth throwing everything away for.

That has to be the end of my whinge, I need to go find something positive, like a glass of Baileys.

p.s. one more point - why hasn't anyone donated to our Bay Run Fundraising Page for CanTeen?

**This is part of FYBF for With Some Grace where you can see my small part in her vlog, Off The Chizain!**


  1. CRUMBS IN THE BED ARE A THING OF EVIL... and yes I must yell that. I just can't deal with crumbs in my bed.

  2. You have very valid big things and small things, Becci! Those stickers are everywhere, aren't they? Why do they need to have them on apples to begin with??


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