Monday, July 29, 2013

Coffee and Vodka in Melbourne

Last Wednesday we flew off to Melbourne for a little holiday (well Mr Moneymaker did some work while there) and a visit to my bestie (Ms D).  Father and son were lucky enough to have tickets to the Liverpool game.  There was an absolutely electric atmosphere on the streets leading to the MCG and we timed it perfectly dropping them off for the march as it was just as the Liverpool team were on the bus leaving the hotel. The boys jumped out of the car into the middle of a red shirted throng and suddenly we saw Nugget's bright green jumper hoisted up on his dad's shoulders to take pictures of the players through the bus windows.

The Chicken and I then spent a very tense half hour trying to find our way to Ms D's house in Elsternwick. I'm sure the GPS conspired against us as it would only tell us to turn left when we were four lanes over to the right.  It probably didn't help that I flipped the headlights off with all the indicating I was doing.  Rest assured I took public transport for the rest of our stay.

I love Melbourne.  It feels like a city should.  There's enough culture, history and style to keep me happy with the odd busker thrown in.  St Kilda and Acland Street could keep me happy for weeks - shopping, trams, music, bars and the best cake shops! And all right near the bay (well, what I call a bay and what St Kilda calls a beach - I did grow up in Cronulla after all).  The graffiti art is a photographer's dream.

There wasn't just shopping (though the only clothing I did buy was that begged for, overpriced coat for Chicken shown above).  Ms D took us to one of the best play centres I've seen called Bounce Inc.  Any kid, of any age, can bounce off trampolines and walls to their heart's content for an hour for only $15.  I would have had a go myself except I hadn't packed the Depends.

We even had a close up look at The Block Sky High (even though we missed seeing two of the contestants leaving the property by about 10 minutes as I was dragging the kids around the streets via Google Lost while Mr Moneymaker was comfortably parked outside).

There were many coffees had (and a heavenly Chilli Hot Chocolate) and even a little Star Wars shopping for Nugget.

On our last night there, Ms D took me to the promised land, the Vodka Bar, After the Tears in Elsternwick. We didn't have dinner there but we did partake in a tasting tray of exotic vodkas and a few Chicken Meatballs. Couldn't tell you exactly what all the types of vodka were called but my favourite was the Bielska Miodowa "the purest honey vodka, very honeyey".  Once we had finished these we decided to stick to the familiar vodka-tonic-lime that we can handle so well.  I will have to go back one day and delve into the dinner menu (even if I can't pronounce most of the dishes). Unfortunately it was a relatively early night as we had an early flight in the morning.

I'm determined to go back soon (hopefully when the weather is something above freezing!) and until I do I will remember sitting in a sidewalk cafe, sipping a perfect coffee and hearing the Jamaican busker down the road above the 'Ding Ding' of a St Kilda tram.

*This is not a sponsored post, all expenses paid by me and Mr Moneymaker*

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  1. What a beautiful trip to Melbourne. I always love hearing about people's experience when they come to visit. Sounds like you had a fab time x

  2. I have lived in Melbourne for 5 years. Though I am a country girl, from the USA 30 years ago.
    I have lived in several states in Australia and I can say Melbourne has lived up to it's name of being one of the most liveable cities in the world. Except for the weather, Perth was much warmer....but in Melbourne they say you can get all 4 seasons in one day...well most of the time.
    Great post.

    Handmade at Warratahstree

  3. I;m so glad i'm not the only one who love coffee! Love your photos. I went to melbourne once and hated it so I should check it out again and see all the good spots that people keep talking about.

  4. Sounds like you had a great time Becci! I would love to go to Melbourne simply to check out the art. I've heard the place just has a feel to it wherever you go!

    How cool is the Bounce place?!

    MC x

  5. Hee hee Depends, I would have needed mine as well! As for vodka bar - must get to one ASAP, very intriguing. Love the colourful pics and that you had a ball! I've only ever visited Melb once and that was pre-kids - OH SO LONG AGOOOOO :)

  6. Hi there, great blog. I was wondering if you remember where you took the photo of the "Size does matter" graffiti? I'm looking for it for a backdrop for a photoshoot. Thanls so much. Sonia

    1. Hi Sonia, just checked out your site and love it!! Living my dream (not sure about three under three though....). The picture was taken in a lane off Acland St in St Kilda East, hopefully its still there as it was wonderful. Thanks for reading! I'll be following your travels from now on too. :)


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