Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I can run!

Last Sunday I took part in the Bay Run.  Now I walk the Bay Run at least once a week with Sydney the Schnoodle so it wasn't a groundbreaking event.  But being part of a 'fun run' is.  For me.  Firstly, what's so fun about running? Every time I pass someone running they never look happy or even close to having fun, in fact they look miserable and in pain.  Secondly, I can walk forever (and I walk really fast) but every time I try to run, either my knee gives out or my ankles protest.

But because I wanted to be part of the event that passes by my front door every year, I registered myself and Sydney as 'Walker and Dog' (he even had a new hoodie to wear).

(Yes that says adidog on his back)

Nugget also wanted to register in the 2km Primary Student race as he is the most competitive kid I know.  He did really well, coming 18th amongst 433 other kids running.  And it was all in a good cause, raising money for CanTeen, to help young people living with cancer.

At the starting line I kept to the back of the pack, and I mean pack, there was a whole lot of dogs there, mostly friendly but its always best not to get in the middle of a bunch of very excited dogs, particularly the big ones.

Even though it was a chilly morning, it turned into a glorious day and as in every one of the walks I do around the bay, I was very thankful I lived in a really pretty area.

(A lovely lady runner asked if I'd like my picture taken as I was taking the previous picture)

I did my best time that day, its amazing what a little competition does!  Not that I made a mark but as I was coming up to the finish and the official told us it was only 200m to go, there was definitely a bit left in me.  A lady with a big brown dog in front of me started running so I thought, bugger this, I should at least try running through the finish line.  If nothing else it will give my husband a shock. He even got it on film! And no, I will not post that.  So here's me and Sydney at the start.

Next year Nugget wants to take Sydney in the running race and even though that dog is the fastest little ball of fluff I've every seen (and I had a whippet that wasn't as fast), I don't think Nugget's legs will be able to beat the fit guy and kelpie that won this year.

If you'd like to donate to my fundraising page for CanTeen, go here - and thankyou!

*Joining up with Essentially Jess for IBOT*


  1. Well done, that is fantastic!
    I must admit I love a big, long walk over a run.

  2. That is so cute, and you are such an awesome supporter of charities Becci!! I'm not a running fan, but I will do it if I have to - eg to keep up with my girl as she scooters to school and I am pushing the boys on the stroller, I look quite mental :)

  3. Go you Becky! That was such a beautiful walk. I'd be happy to do it again.

  4. yay you! was such a beautiful day for it too x


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