Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A fortunate life, now don't blow it!

I live a fortunate life.  But I have many fears and worries that can seem unreasonable and superstitious.  Even writing this feels like I'm inviting all the jinx fairies into my life to disperse chaos and bad luck (touch wood), so like some other cultures, I have regular whinges and complain about small things like disobeying children, sore knees and bad drivers. This somehow balances the equilibrium of good and bad kharma - well I hope so anyway, otherwise I've been annoying my family with unnecessary whining all this time.

So using this logic, instead of just listing all the lovely things that are happening at the moment and tempting fate, I will balance it with a negative 'BUT':

  • This week I started a brand new job BUT I had to leave my lovely old place and some wonderful friends.
  • In the new job I have my very own office for the first time BUT it can get a bit lonely, I've almost always had someone sitting next to me to chat to.
  • My office also has the luxury of its very own toilet BUT some female staff come in to use it and I feel a bit awkward sitting right there while they go through (should I leave the office while they go in? The toilet has two doors so totally soundproof).
  • It takes me approximately five minutes to drive from my house to work BUT I need to go about 40 minutes earlier to get a parking spot and start before 8am and I don't get to buy a coffee from the best coffee maker in all of Sydney.
OK, I'm even making me annoyed at myself.  I have nothing to complain of.  So I am thanking the universe for:

  • Having the opportunity to go to swish product launches/lunches with added cocktails thanks to organisations like Digital Parents and Samsung (review of the Samsung Sparkling Refrigerator with added cocktail kit giveaway coming soon!) in really amazing locations that looked out to the best city in the world:

  • Having the chance to spend a weekend with my sisters whenever we can get together.  We discovered last Friday night that if we were ever to write a TV show script, it would just be a recording of our nights out and the stupid arse stuff we do and say (see picture below which is part of a series called Sunnies Girls we do with our cousin on every weekend away, this time amongst the daffodils at The Carrington, Katoomba). After all, Seinfield made a fortune with a show about nothing!

  • Coming home to warm house and a family that puts up with my whinging over nothing.
There's a whole lot more I'm thankful for but I don't want to jinx it anymore. You can't be too careful, can you?

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  1. I love that you have a new job - BUT - I'm sure the other one could have been worse
    I love that you had a ball at the Digital parents fridge thingee - BUT - it would have been cooler if I was there!
    Great post Becci and yay for you having a great job so close to home - BOOM (my new/old dorky saying ATM)
    Em x


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