Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Lady of Leisure (for a day)

Much to my dismay, I am not a lady of leisure. I don't have the time or budget to spoil myself with regular visits to the hairdresser or masseuse or beauty therapist.  Though I do have a monthly appointment with my chiropractor but that is because if I don't the scoliosis will have me curving over like an S-bend before I'm 60.

So last Saturday was a rare treat indeed!  Thanks to 1stAvailable.com I won a voucher to spend a day in any spa of my choice up to the value of $1,000 big ones!  After consultation with a friend who knows a bit about taking care of skin (thanks Yaz), I chose Thaspa in the city. Even though it didn't seem to have the surrounds of the Bali-esque style retreat where you loll around in fluffy, white robes and float in flower scented, bubbling spas, it did specialise in taking really good care of your skin.  And my skin really needed taking care of.

As everyone knows, experiences are much more enjoyable when you share them, so I coaxed my sister down from her mountain, booked a city hotel room (because a new face would just be wasted back home in front of Saturday night TV) and took my tired and stressed face and body for treat.

Luckily I remembered to take a 'before' shot of our everyday faces when we arrived....

(of course I tried to be as unflattering as possible on purpose)

For the next almost four hours we were pummelled, scrubbed, smoothed, waxed, plucked and moisturised within an inch of our lives.  It was the longest I've lain naked during the day in my adult life. And I loved it.  In fact for half the time I lay on that heated massage table, I was in and out of consciousness. That first week of a new job must have taken its toll.

There was an option of manicure or pedicure but as I can't stand the feel of nail polish on and if anyone attempts to touch my feet I've been known to kick them in the head, I forgo both options and went for the extra facial treatment (I REALLY needed it!).  I don't know what that miracle worker did, but my face still feels soft and clean - that's three days of pollution and makeup, including a night out on the town.  I'll be investigating their products, Thalgo La Beaute Marine, once my myriad of current products runs out.

I know beauty is only skin deep, but no matter what the mirror said, I felt pretty damn good on the inside too.

(the after shot - I think I'm still half asleep)

*This is not a sponsored post but I do owe 1stAvailable.com a big thank you for the prize!*

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