Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Is this girl on speed?

My 14 year old daughter is driving me crazy.

I'm just putting that out there now because I've been trying to write a blog post for the last 2 hours and Chicken has been talking non-stop nonsense ever since I walked in the door this afternoon.  In fact she's still going on now.  Subjects covered in the last twenty minutes:

  • Why do I keep asking her to eat her vegies when I should know she will not eat them if I keep asking every night?
  • She was thinking that she might like to go to Hawaii and then thought about it so much she believed she was going and when she asked me the other night when are we going to Hawaii and I said we are not going she was really disappointed as she was sure we were!
  • Why does she have to make dessert and why doesn't she put both the packet of lemon and the packet of butterscotch self saucing pudding together to make one big one and what do I mean use the ceramic dish?
  • She is sure if there's one thing she can do well in the kitchen is break an egg.
  • Why when she mutters things under her breath in class her friend sitting next to her bursts into really loud laughter and gets into trouble every time?
  • Why are they playing really good songs on The Block but only a little bit of them?
  • How come our family of four now eats so much we need two packets of family sized puddings?
  • No she doesn't want to watch a cooking show while she's cooking, specially that political on the ABC but will try watching the new Great Australian Bakeoff (oh my god, I just turned it over and there's a young blonde that waffles on as much as she does!!).
  • Why are there three cooking shows on at the same time?
  • "The egg is hurting me. Its scratchy and slimy and ooohhh! it fell on the floor - clean that up Sydney."
I can't keep going as I've lost track and my head hurts.  She is now commentating on how can she work out how much hot water is four times one cup in a bogan voice.


I think I better check her school bag for cocaine.


  1. Bahahaha! She sounds exactly like I did at 14! I swear there were some days when the look my Mum used to give me after a few hours of rambling was enough to send me running for cover. I still get like that sometimes, especially if I've been home all day with no one to talk to. The minute my husband walks through the door he cops an earful, poor guy. I'm expecting to get the same thing from Punky when she is that age as she already babbles that much now at 20 months!

    #teamIBOT was here!

  2. I laughed so hard reading this, I don't have any kids but I was babysitting my nearly 14 year old niece on Saturday night who sounds like your daughters twin....maybe there is speed in the water?

  3. That's funny. She's not the quiet, moody type then ;)

  4. Ha ha ha! I'm fairly certain my second will be like this is a few years. She's half way there already


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