Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Going off to play in Melbourne

I'm off to Melbourne tomorrow!

It's only a quick three day visit but its the first time the whole family is going together.  I've been there once (DPCON12) on my own, Mr Moneymaker has been a few times and even the Chicken went down there during the school holidays. But this is the first time all of us are going together.

The house sitter is booked (thanks Wendy), the casuals are coming in to fill in for me at work (thanks Danni and Lisa) and the schools have been notified.  We've got a bed or two waiting at my BFF's place (thanks Dee), the boys' tickets to the Liverpool/Melbourne Victory game have been purchased months ago and a little parents' time out hotel room has been booked in St Kilda for Thursday night.  We're going to wine and dine and actually have a conversation without interruptions during the rare time we are in one place and awake at the same time.  And sleep in a hotel bed.

I love hotel rooms.  It's not just the king size bed with luxurious sheets and soft pillows, or the spotless bathroom without hair covering everything, or the mini bar and room service with no washing up afterwards.  OK, its all that.  And the fact I can go to bed without kicking out a small person first that left cracker crumbs all through the sheets.  Aaaahhh.

Now before I pack (lots of warm woollies), I need some suggestions of the must visit places in Melbourne.  Places to shop, eat and drink.

The best touristy website I've seen for awhile is the Play Melbourne site.

The only downside (besides not enough time) is that I won't be able to take on the plane any interesting homewares I find in all those cool shops - but I'll definitely be leaving room in the suitcase for clothes shopping!

So you tell me, where are your favourite hangs in Melbourne?

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  1. I have only been there once, and I was pregnant! We went to the casino and it was okay.. but I LOVED the shopping and the markets!! Emily

  2. I don't have any favourite hangs in Melbourne sorry we used to be "forced" to go there when we were little and my mum now lives an hour out of the city but I have never been there for fun or tourism....am thinking I should put it on my to do list.....have a fabulous time and hope the kid free thursday night is sensational xxx

  3. I love hotel rooms as well. For me it is all about the smell. They just have a great atmosphere

  4. Jealous after reading this post. I hope you have a much needed rest in Melbourne. My husband and I had a week in Melbourne years ago and we went to Bridge Road and shopped that road down. I loved the trams and the general vibe of the city. Looking forward to a post about what you got up to.


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