Friday, July 12, 2013

No more judgy judgy please! And some highlights of the week

How ridiculous was the coverage this UK woman got this week when she decided that we all needed to know how much of a snob she is?  If you didn't see it, here's a (fairly long) video of the interview on UK television (if you don't want to watch all of it, make sure you see the last bit from 9.25ish on when one of the hosts shuts her down).

A more relevant interview with this woman (I won't honour her with repeating her name to give her more publicity) was with David and Sonia on the Nine's Mornings program which you can see here (love David's reaction, glad to admit he's from a working class background).

Others have vented about this woman and I don't want to judge her as she has judged others but I really can't understand why we she was given international coverage when most people (well, most people I know) do not agree with her views.  Oh, hang on, I know, ratings via outrage!  Fair enough.  I guess she got people watching the programs, but honestly, Australia hardly takes notice of a class system and actually have a more 'cheer on the underdog' approach to success in this country.  Isn't it trendy to celebrate our boganism?  Or am I just being naive? Discuss.

On other, more pleasant, matters this week - here are some highlights:

  • I've got a new job starting in August - new location, new challenges and more secure (hopefully). I'm very sad to be having to leave my current job but there's a thing called self preservation. Nuff said.
  • Spent a whole week with my bestie and her kids who were visiting from Melbourne (this would explain my absence from IBOT and FYBF last week).  Lots of being a tourist in Sydney, card games, Monopoly and a girls' night out in Newtown (just like old times with a Saturday morning hangover included).
  • and drumroll please ..... brrlllll - I won Second Prize in a Beauty Contest!  No not really (too much Monopoly maybe?).  But I did win second place in the 1stAvailable Bloggers Great Healthcare Giveaway which was $1000 worth of treatments at a day spa of my choice!!! Woohooo!! (that is actually what I shouted when I received the email from Klaus Bartosch - scared the bejebus out of my house guests).  I did a little research (spoke to my beautician-trained friend and did a bit of googling) and decided on Thaspa in the middle of Sydney.  I'm hoping my sister and I (decided sharing the day was more fun and then her birthday present is taken care of) leave that place looking and feeling at least 10 years younger.
from this ........................................ to this???

Yeah right.  Let's not expect miracles, eh?

What else is new?  I bought a new kettle!

Yeah, I know, real exciting, but I think it's hot (haha, did you get that? Gawd I amuse myself sometimes).   And of course I had to redecorate and move the whole tea making area which has made Mr Moneymaker very unsettled (have almost risked losing my nightly cup of tea!). But how nice does it look?

What's new with you? Do you think names show what kind of person someone is? Have you had a win lately?  Bought something new?

*p.s. - don't forget if you want to win a sleeping bag for your iPad Mini, you've got till the 21st July to enter here.

**Joining with Grace for FYBF**


  1. I hope that woman's daughters bring home a Tyler to marry...and I also feel very sorry for her husband because she must be a real pain in the a*se to live with ;P #dsinisa

  2. Ooooh nice kettle! I need a newbie and currently searching online...
    Best thing I ever won was a honeymoon to Vanuatu! Sensational!
    Well done on your recent win too!

  3. Congratulations on winning the competition! How exciting and good luck with the new job Xx

  4. Whoop whoop - those are some GREAT reasons for being absent! Especially the $1000 worth of treatments, YAY. I actually probably need about $10,000 to sort me out but $1000 - go you!
    Nothing new here, just need to work harder to make money to pay for STUPID Gold Coast water bills - grrr - freelancing sucks :) xx


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