Friday, November 9, 2012

Busy little bees

Almost 12 years ago Mr Moneymaker and I were sitting in a beer garden on our last day of our wedding/honeymoon in Fiji watching our then 2 year old daughter run about happy and carefree and promises ourselves that we would slow down our busy lives and stop to smell the gardenias (I prefer their scent to roses any old day).  We were both working busy jobs at the time, trying to pay off a mortgage and trying to not have the little Chicken spend too much time in childcare.

I don't know what happened but the moment we landed back in Sydney, we somehow forgot our promise.

Now, after a few moves, job changes, an additional little Nugget joining us, we are even busier.

We have become so flat out, we have to coordinate our diaries regularly, write up the week's activities on our kitchen blackboard and send each other email appointments so we can make sure that we know who is picking up which child.  I don't even realise when a couple of weeks have passed and I haven't written a thing on this blog!

Today will be no different as even though I'm not working, I am working on my other job at the Kids' Business Bloggers Brunch and this has unfortunately fallen on the same day as our Nugget's 10th birthday party where we are picking up 8 boys after school and taking them to laser tag.  This means Mr Moneymaker is leaving work early, picking up Chicken from school early, picking me up after the Bloggers Brunch.  We then have to pick up the birthday cake, come back home so I can pick up my car and then off to the Nugget's school immediately.  God I hope it all goes to plan!

This is just an example of our usually chaotic life. At least the weekends have calmed down since netball and soccer season has paused.  But there's still the parties (mostly kids') and visiting family and friends.

I'm lucky I work in a job (albeit five days a week) where I can have the school holiday break.  Even though that's usually full of sports camps and visitors staying.

We do count ourselves lucky we are able to have this life and I often admire families who cope with real problems on top of the norm.  In fact I didn't set out to whinge about it in this post and just wanted to say I would love us to slow down a bit before it all rushes past us.

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