Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Cheers to the Melbourne Cup! But nothing to wear!!!

Every year when the Melbourne Cup comes around, I remember the Ladies' Lunches put on at my Mum's local RSL and how she would love to frock up just that little bit more than a normal Tuesday at the club. Can't remember if she actually went the whole hog and popped a fascinator on though.

When I left school and started working, most years the first Tuesday in November was just another day where occasionally the radio was put on at 3pm and everybody in the office would stop for a moment to listen, sometimes a couple of bets would be put on or a sweep would be arranged.

I did have one year where I took a day off and joined Mum at the club for a Chicken Kiev and some Aussie bubbly.  But most years it was just another day.  Even when I was home with babies there wasn't an opportunity to take them to a boozy lunch on Melbourne Cup Day.

A couple of years ago I did take a day's leave and joined my sisters and my sister-in-law to the races at Randwick to watch the cup.  It wasn't quite as glamorous as being in Melbourne, I guess, but we did get a chance to frock up, drink champagne and yell for our horses to win at the rails.

Yes, that is a fascinator on my head, not a tarantula

But this year, it's going to be different.  For one, it will be the first time I will be spending it with my husband and two, we'll be at a big fancy schmancy lunch thanks to the WatervieW in Bicentennial Park’s, Melbourne Cup Lunch for Special Olympics Australia Competition.  

I didn't win the main prize of the Table for 10 but as a consolation prize I'm pretty pleased, as it was a ticket for the lunch for two worth $260!!!

So next Tuesday I'll be doing my usual panic fashion attack and realising I don't fit in that little black and white number anymore (bloody middle age spread!) and have nothing to wear.  I think if I stick to black and red ('cause everyone know red is the fastest), I can't go wrong.

Not sure about that fascinator thing though.....

Joining Jess for IBOT! [Don't forget to follow Jess to her new home via Facebook!]


  1. Congratulations!! I am going with a gorgeous friend of mine to a posh meal at a restaurant here - first for me too! Enjoy the day :)

  2. Lucky you! I've done Melbourne cup with friends the past couple of years and loved it! Nothing this year though, so have a prawn cocktail and shandy for me, will you?

  3. Fascinators are so passe. Go for a large hat or nilch.

  4. Fascinators are so passe. Go for a large hat or nilch.

  5. Oh man I would have no idea what to wear! My sister lives in Melbourne and is often invited to these things cause of her husbands work, and she always worries too about the outfit.
    I've never been to any kind of race event ever. I'd be useless!


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