Saturday, November 17, 2012

Birthdays and Bloggers Brunch

Another Friday, another busy week over (gawd that went fast!), another glass of wine. And another FYBF with Grace!

I've got so many things I need to blog about and yes, I made a list in my notebook.  I'm in the middle of two reviews which I need to talk about and so many lovely things I've come across lately that I'd like to show you.

On the family front, my little Nugget entered the double digits last week and we had a little party at the local bowling/lasertag venue along with 6 of his friends and his big sister (she was surprisingly tolerant).  Seeing I had spent the day at the Kids Business Blogging Brunch and was more in the mood for putting my feet up and sipping a nice white, the event was manageable, besides the fact that a torrential downpour an hour before had flooded the lasertag room where they were supposed to be having two games.  Luckily the few staff there didn't want to disappoint a 10 year old boy so after one game of ten pin, they said they were ready for them to kill each other with laser guns.  Lovely.

While we watched them collect those hundreds of tickets in the games room (I think you can get a rubber ball for 475 tickets), the phone calls from the parents started coming in.  They would not be able to collect them (we had picked everyone up from school) because of the tropical storm which had flooded Parramatta Rd and caused untold pile ups.  So we took them all home.

We finally got home at 7.30pm and I could finally look at all the lovely stuff I got from the Bloggers Brunch.

As this was my first Bloggers Brunch and an opportunity to meet some of the brands that were willing to work with Bloggers, I tried my best to sell myself.  Not sure how I went (no phone ringing, no emails binging yet .... anyone? Anyone? Bueller?), but I quite enjoyed sampling all the products and getting to know the people.

My first stop was at Rust-Oleum where I found out my peeling white kitchen cabinets and drawers could be spruced up without the huge cost and hassle of visiting Ikea (though I do love that place).

I passed by the Spotlight stand even though I'm a VIP member and I can spend ages wandering around that store wishing I was crafty, but the onslaught of the Christmassy red and green frightened me off.

Next was Dyson which I hung around for awhile listening about how wonderful the new cordless vacuum cleaner which could almost inspire me to clean the house!  They also gave us a cute little one for the kids to use which my little niece is going to love for Christmas.

Another very popular stand was for Kambrook (could have been the food on offer) who are an old favourite of mine so I was very glad to take home to my little baker the Cake Pop Maker.  Kambrook gave me some great ideas for more pressies (check out the Little Chefs range).  The ladies there were lovely and very interested in what I was all about too (they even took notes!).

I spent the most time at Brown Sugar because as I was sitting and listening to some inspiring chicks (Toni Powell, 30 Day Gratitude; Rosemary Lee of Stars with Hearts; and Ellen Briggs who was hilarious and talking about her town which I know well, Mullimbimby), I was eyeing off a beautiful maxi (on their home page) that my mate Rachel from The Kids Are All Right ended up buying because it looked so much better on her (along with half a dozen other pieces which also were perfect for her). It's like she was made to wear absolutely anything!).  Kimbalikes picked up some great stuff too which suited her style perfectly.  I did end up buying this which I have already christened at the P&F Social Night this week and felt very spiffy.   I even recruited a new fan for them at work. She has already bought 3 tops from them (you're an online shopping queen, Yaz!). I'll be sure to be buying more pretty stuff from Brown Sugar (and I just love that their name is one of my favourite Stones tracks). Maybe I should have sold myself a bit more there, could have supplied me in a few more pieces?

I even got my eyebrows shaped with the Nad's ladies!  Anyone that knows me would have a laugh at this as they know I'm not big on the girly, beauty procedures.

Which might change in the future.  Because as I get older I realise I need to work harder to even resemble a woman (what's with the jowls and chin-hair appearances?? WTF???).  Of course I do the necessary hedge trimming but I've never waxed in my life (well except for the eyebrows last Friday).  I only got my ears pierced when I turned 40 because I don't like the idea of pain for beauty, but seeing the eyebrow waxing did not hurt one bit I might be tempted to take the wax a bit 'lower'.  I better stop talking now, eh?

Surprisingly, I'm also investigating a product which could be an alternative for me to having anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers, which I most probably will never do.  But first I wanted to ask your opinion on them.  The brand also has a new website which has a great before and after page where you can draw the bar across the faces to see the difference (I had lots of fun with this).  Please have a look at it here and let me know what your impressions are, what do you think needs improvement on the site and what you think of these type of procedures yourself.


  1. Great you had the eyebrows done, pain free- I'm FAR too scared to try the nose one! And yes, what IS with the chin hairs?? Maturing can be so undignified at times...

  2. Because as I get older I realise I need to work harder to even resemble a woman (what's with the jowls and chin-hair appearances?? WTF???).


  3. I've only waxed my eyebrows too! Bit scared about the rest!

  4. Even though I was there, it's interesting reading other people's take on the event and what they got out of it. Brown Sugar needs to get an affiliate program and you need to get on board, with those selling skills! Checked out the dermal filler site. Personally, at this stage of my life, I'd get it for my frown line and nothing else because I like all my other wrinkles. Obviously many other women obviously don't feel the same way :)

  5. I, and my crinkled top lip did indeed rush straight to your link to the wrinkle website. Unfortunately, I found it not so user friendly or informative. To me it was mainly a directory.

  6. Oooh, that top you bought from Brown Sugar looks gorgeous! Such a shame I couldn't make it. But Bali was just calling :)

    Happy birthday to your little Nugget! x


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