Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pain is relative .... not

I used to think I could control pain.  I was lucky enough to give birth naturally - twice! and I like to think I was controlling the pain. Yeah right.

Anyway for the last two weeks I've been in excruciating pain.  My stiff neck turned into a frozen shoulder, shooting pains down my arm and pins and needles in my fingers. My thumb tip feels numb in the way like you used to paint your finger with Perkins Paste and when it dried it felt like someone else's finger tip?

I've been going to my regular chiro (where I've been going for years for scoliosis) and I think he's even stumped.  I have another appointment tomorrow morning and I really hope he can pull me back into shape.  At least so I don't yell out every time I move my right arm (but I have learnt how to use the mouse in my left hand!).

So what with me groaning in pain around the house, The Moneymaker and Nugget both spluttering, coughing and moaning in bed, it's up to the Chicken to keep us going.  Oh well, at least she can cook ... a little.  Anyone for more taco's?

The gammy arm did not stop me attending my sister-in-law's Hens Night last Saturday. It started at 3.30pm with a Party Cab (read big taxi with loud music and flashing lights on the ceiling) to the city where we first learnt Burlesque dancing (was only able to down a bubbly beforehand so had no rhythm at all), then how to make a mojito cocktail. 

After a short break we were shown back upstairs to have a life drawing lesson - of a very scantily clad man.  I've had some experience in drawing nudes and I tried to concentrate on getting the proportion right but his butt was just too distracting.  That and all the giggles and jokes being made by the others.  I will not post a photo of the model (sorry) or a photo of all the dick 'n' balls cartoons that were created.

Later that night (after dinner and some/many vodkas), we made our way up to Retro - the nightclub with three floors of three different decades of music.  We made our way through all three floors and back again.  Lots of dancing was had.  We were stuffed.  We were back at our house by 1am.  Had toast and vegemite with cups of tea before bed.  I believe this was the reason we did not suffer a hangover on Mothers Day.  Except for that mofo headache.  

Elastoplast Update:
I've been trying out the new Heavy Duty Waterproof Strips at school (does not cure mofo headaches) and I must say I'm very happy with their performance so far.  And so is the young lady who skinned her knees the other day (something strange about treating a teenager that's heads taller than me - I guess we all feel like little kids when we fall over).

I've had some soccer mums try them out too and they're quite satisfied with them as well.

Did you know Australia’s 2012 Olympic team will be reaching for Elastoplast products if they get any injuries in London? That’s right; Elastoplast is the team’s official supplier of tapes, bandages and wound care products.

***Don't forget to enter the Elastoplast $150 Bunnings Voucher giveaway here.  Loving all the "doh!" accident stories.***

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  1. I hope the chiro can sort out something! I thought pain was relative too, but it's not. Also constant pain wears you down as well I think.


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