Sunday, May 20, 2012

Why, What and Where I am this Week (or WWWW)

Life can get really busy and sometimes I forget what I really like to do.  I like to write. But as I'm the Queen of Procrastination, I feel I must wait till I am truly inspired. Or I don't publish until I feel totally happy with what I've put down on screen.  Or it's two minutes to midnight and if I don't press Publish now I may as well delete it and those two hours of pain will have been all for nothing.  My husband snoring away in bed will have even more to complain about (when he wakes up as I crawl in) because I won't have anything to show for tapping away "on that bloody laptop" all night.

So anyway, here I am.  And thankfully The Moneymaker is out on a boys night so I have at least till midnight to waffle on here. The kids are preoccupied (Nugget is watching TV downstairs and the Chicken is reading teen fiction/fantasy on her iPod) and Graham Norton is on.  The only thing missing is chocolate.

I have been keeping up with the bloggy business though.  Yesterday I joined a few others at a lovely lunch held by Bisolvon, the people who make the stuff to help the snifflers and the phlegmy get better.  It was held in the Waterfront Sailors Room at The Rocks which was the kind of place that reminded me how much I love Sydney (the city, not my dog this time).  It was a lovely break to a hectic week so thankyou to Louise Claire from Brand Meets Blog and Kids Business for inviting me.

In other news, my 1 Million Acts of Kindness 8 Week Challenge has gotten off to a not so spectacular start. I don't think I consciously did a particular thing each day, but I was aware of it and on review I tried to be a nicer and more giving person.  I was a bit disgusted in myself that I needed to remind myself to do this and it just showed me how selfish I can be.  I've been winged lately with this mysterious shoulder/arm pain but I tried to do what  I could. The Moneymaker was suffering from a cold during the week so I made sure he was the one receiving a morning and nightly cup of tea for a change.  I even offered to rub Vix Vaporub on his chest but he wasn't too keen.

But as my week was not the best (I attended the funeral of a treasured work colleague on Wednesday and her sudden death was a shock not only to me and the staff, but also to the many students she has helped over the years), I spent some time in my own head.

Though I've looked over the list I had downloaded from 1 Million Acts of Kindness 8 Week Challenge and I might have actually achieved these ones!

1. Smile at strangers passing you by in the street. (I do this alot, specially if they have kids or a dog with them.)
2. Take your pet to their favourite park for a run around. (Sydney always needs a run)
7. Hug someone.
12. Hold a door open for someone. (Feminist from way back.)
23. Always remember to say please and thank you. (But of course!)
27. Let someone in front of you in heavy traffic. Give them a little wave.
30. Ask someone who looks distressed “Are you alright?” (Did this quite a bit this week.)
41. Hold your partners hand in the street – show the world how much you love them. (Always.)
54. Have a good old belly laugh. (Despite.)
58. Cuddle your pet or spend 20 minutes with them playing their favourite little game. (How could I not?)
65. Treat yourself to that item you’ve been wanting for ages. You deserve it! (Boots how I love thee.)
91. Have a conversation with someone you wouldn’t usually chat to. (I must be turning into that silly old lady that holds conversation with strangers everywhere, 'cause that's what I do.)

If you made the pledge to the 8 Week Challenge, let me know how you went in Week 1.

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  1. I hadn't heard of this challenge until now, it sounds like a good one! Glad you included yourself in the mix!


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