Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Icky bleeding skinned knees - an Elastoplast $150 Giveaway!

My family find it hilarious that I'm the assigned First Aid Officer at work.  This is because even the mention of bleeding, cuts or wounds makes my toes curl. And not in a good way at all.  As soon as the image or thought of a bloody injury is present, I feel faint and woozy (in fact I just had to stop typing because I obsessed about that sentence and am now feeling sick).

But I have an agreement with my boss who also completed the First Aid Certificate, that he would handle any excessive bleeding and I would be on hand if CPR was required because I was far better at it (please don't judge why...).  This is an excellent deal seeing I work in a school as there is alot of bleeding and not many, or any, heart attacks.  Luckily most of the bleeding is skinned knees and elbows (except for the times the art teacher decides to get the kids to cut out stencils with Stanley knives - aaarrgh I just got icky typing that!).

I've become accustomed to dealing with skinned knees now but am using the plaster strips that are issued by our approved first aid supplier and am not happy, Jan!  They never stick to knees or elbows and when they're on fingers they last about 30 minutes before the student is back in the office for another.  So I'm quite keen to try out the new Elastoplast Heavy Fabric Waterproof Strips at school.  But can you believe that one whole week has passed and not one kid has fallen down the stairs, toppled into a tree or ground into the gravel.  I'm tempted to get out into the playground and bring the old brandings game back!

But I will wait.  My time will come when I can whip out the Elastoplast and seal up a wound (urgh urgh!).

Meanwhile, at home I'm testing them out on myself (as my kids are strangely scab free at the moment).  Not that I have any injuries as I'm a very cautious person and don't want to even have the possibility of seeing any type of bleeding.  I've also given out some to the soccer mums as we're sure to find a graze somewhere in the local team. The strips are totally waterproof and stick comfortably on fingers all day, which means you won't be using 3 at a time to keep you covered.

ANYWAY....  this brings me to my Elastoplast Giveaway!

The lovely Ester at The Soup has given me the opportunity to review the new Elastoplast Heavy Fabric Waterproof Strips and have asked me to giveaway 2 packs of them PLUS A $150 BUNNINGS VOUCHER!  It's from Bunnings Warehouse so you can buy stuff to put together and if you happen to hammer your thumb or cut yourself you can use the Elastoplast you won to make it all better!  Makes sense, eh?

To win the $150 voucher answer this question - have you injured yourself doing something stupid?  I will give the prize to the most entertaining answer.  Please keep it to around 50 words or less.  Also to be eligible to enter you need to have subscribed to Birdy Num Num (see on the right up there where it asks for your email address?), then follow me on Twitter or 'Like' my Facebook page. Let me know which one in your comment.  Last entries accepted on the 27th May at 10pm.

For example, many years ago I was locked out of my house and thought it would be a good idea to push IN the window instead of trying to slide it up like it was supposed to.  Of course the thin pane of glass broke and fell on to my arm giving me a nice big cut and I have a scar to this day.  It was too late (this may have been in the middle of the night and there may have been bourbon involved) to go to the hospital and I hid the wound and bandaged it myself till it healed - eventually.

This taught me never to go out without my key.  Sorry to disappoint, but it did not teach me to stop drinking. Just slowed me down a little.

So I fessed up.  Now it's your turn.  Give me your stupid story - just don't get too gory with the details, I'm a little sensitive.


  1. I broke my collarbone on a seesaw when I was 22 yrs old ...the gorriest bit was having my mum and sister help dress me for 3 wks.

    I already like you on FB, twitter and GFC follow .you

  2. Easy. I took up Roller Derby. As you do. ;)
    I've broken 2 toes (one twice), busted my sacroiliac (google THAT one) and burst more blood vessels on thumbs, fingers and hands in general.
    Then I've fallen over at the rink BEFORE putting safety pads on... and scraped my elbows. Yep. BOTH. Yay me. ;)

  3. I'm a subscriber and have put in a twitter request which you hopefully accept :)

    Playing mothers and fathers when I was four
    With my lovely sister who I adore
    I offered to make her a 'cup of tea'
    And a dozen pancakes, just for me
    The tea was made, there sat the saucer and cup
    Then on to make pancakes, I flipped one up
    Well, when I did, the spatula connected
    With my eyebrow, OUCH, it was so unexpected
    Blood started gushing furious and fast
    Mum finally got me to the doctor at last
    Stitches were needed, and how I howled all the way
    And a scar still remains to this very day!!!

  4. It was not long before I had kids (or fell pregnant) and we were jumping on a friends trampoline. I miscalculated and slipped off the side and went flying down the conveniently located DRY slip'n'slide. Needless to say I was bruised, graised and burnt!
    The embarrassing bit? I was completely sober!

    I follow via twitter - I would also follow via facebook but your like button wont show for me :(

  5. Has to be when I decided to muck around with hubby and Karate chop him. Instead of getting him I got the little glass window out the back and my finger went through and sliced the finger open. Even had new neighbours watching which I didn't realize at the time. :P

    Have a great day!
    Cheryl Mummytofive.
    (Follow you on Facebook lovely)

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  7. Roundabouts at the playground get up a good speed don't they?
    When I was younger I held onto one and ran. For some reason my hands wouldn't let go when my feet gave way. After a few rounds of knees dragging in the gravel, I let go.

    Facebook and Twitter.

  8. hahaha, i'm the first aider too!

  9. I was all scrunched down pushing a little kiddy car, with 'kiddy' inside. The car took off & I ended up flat on the ground, my skirt up around my head. I was grazed in places you don't want to know about.

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  10. So when I was a kid we were having people over for dinner which I was really excited about. I was dressed in my best and was waiting out the front for them to arrive with the dog on a lead. And as you often see on tv but this time it happened to me the dog took off running with me hanging on to the lead, she dragged me through the dirt and over the road before I let go, My knees and elbows got cut up and my dress was torn and filthy and ruined and our visitors arrived at that moment.
    tjranch at ymail dot com

  11. I was practicing high jump age 10 or 12. I was using our trampoline and managed to jump clean over the trampoline into our nectarine tree my mum had recently hacked to pieces so sliced myself up pretty bad and pulled a muscle. No idea why I did it, I had a massive yard and could have put it anywhere but chose there and the trampoline is lower than high jump. Go figure!

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  12. Once upon a time, when I was young and silly, I was a waitress serving tequila/champagne shots. I had to carry the bottles in holsters and a tray of glasses. Halfway through the night the champagne cork flew off and gave me a black eye! Lesson learnt was that if you shake fizzy things they explode! Duh! :)

  13. I injured myself whilst breeding a koala. Oh, not me breeding a koala (ewww!), I meant I was breeding a male and female koala together, or at least trying to. None of the boys wanted to mate the koala Dimples(we nicknamed her Dribbles due to excessive salivation). After five different males, I went back to see if Billy (A stapping, young stud) would do the deed. Instead he bit me - hard! I ended up on five antibiotics shots a day in my butt! No joeys were conceived on that day.

    I followed on Twitter :)

  14. To get my baby weight off, I decided to try out taekwondo. My very first time there, we did some NON -contact sparring. Non-contact, yet somehow I managed to break my wrist and need a plaster for over 6 weeks. I wasn't allowed to drive and had to cart two kids around on the bus pushing pram with one hand. Awesome. P.S. That was only a few months ago.

  15. Hearing some arguing late one night I climbed up on the end of the bath (in the dark) to spy out of the bathroom window. When I went to get down I fell backwards into the bath - as I fell I really thought I was a goner but luckily I escaped with multiple bruises, pulled muscles and a shattered ego. Worst part was that I couldn't see what was going on outside anyway! I certainly learned my lesson about being nosey.

    Email: birdcaget@hotmail.com

  16. When I was 4 I decide to go backwards down a slide (apparently I was showing off as my Kinder teacher was in the Park) I fractured my skull and got to ride in an ambulance all the way to Melbourne. It was the best adventure ever........

  17. When I was little I was at a birthday party and we all took a turn of putting a sleeping bag over our head trying to find people I ran into the pot belly stove with my head and moved it 2 inches and needed stitches :-(

  18. I stupidly decided to climb a shelf at Spotlight to reach a Kaiser rhinestone butterfly. When I stepped down, my daughter had put her doll's pram under my foot. I slipped, flying backwards, whacking myself unconscious, and hitting my arm. They had to call an ambulance to treat me...oops!! I bruised my bum severely and managed to kick myself in the upper thigh!! I still have a haematoma on my arm. Man it hurt...oh, and I broke the pram. My friend took photos of me lying on the floor so I wouldn't forget. lol.

  19. So my hubby was riding his bike home form work in the city. A taxi pulled up opened the door as he was riding past. Yep just like the movies over he went. Bones hanging from his elbow!! Broken elbow ended up in hospital. All the cabby paid for was new Jeans!

  20. Got too adventurous with my husband in the bedroom, decided to try something that required a little too much coordination and balance - FAIL. Stupid. Injury. Nuff said.

  21. If there was an award for most silliest injury
    the prize would certainly go to me!
    I was doing a circus hula hoop routine
    it was going perfectly - or so it would seem.
    There were at least 100 people watching that night,
    they got quite a crowd alright!
    I was kneeling and simply stood upright,
    and my knee dislocated - which gave a few people a fright.
    The ambos were called, the knee popped back in,
    I couldn't believe in front of all those people that'd happen.
    The nurses at hospital could only laugh when I told them how I'd hurt my knee,
    and pretty soon random nurses all came to see me
    the girl dressed as an elf and high on morphine for the pain
    I wish I'd hurt it doing something spectacular - not something so lame!

  22. I decided to carry my 6 month old baby in his pram down a flight of stairs into a shop...wearing high heels. Halfway down I tripped and in making sure that my Charlie wasn't hurt, completely smashed up my face. Black eyes, huge swollen nose and carpet burns. The humiliation was the worst part, knowing I did a stupid, avoidable thing.


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