Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wasting time or just chillin'?

So it's the school holidays again and as I'm really fortunate to work in a school (no, not a teacher) I get to stay home with the munchkins.

This can be a really good thing if I don't waste this precious time off.  I will start off with great intentions, which turn into good intentions and a mental 'to-do' list and after two weeks I realise I've done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

Well nothing constructive except maybe reorganise a kitchen draw (just did that in record time of three minutes and only because I was looking for the local plumber's business card) or go to Ikea and bring back something absolutely unnecessary (which I will probably do tomorrow).

I also end up spending way too much time reading blogs and entering online competitions.  Which actually is quite rewarding so I will not class that as wasted time (thankyou Jaquie from Under the Shade of a Bonsai Tree for my win today!).

I will plan another trip to Taronga Zoo next week (even though my complimentary membership ended two days ago - thanks to me misreading the letter from Soup *woops!*) as that not only entertains the kids, it satisfies my almost-obsession with animals.  Did you see me at the Easter Show's Animal Nursery on Monday? Those ducklings are lucky they are counted at the end of the day or some may have ended up in my showbag.

But as I keep telling myself to sit down with paper and pen and write my Holiday To-Do List and then never doing it because I've usually only got the laptop in front of me and not a pen in sight, I will record it here.

Becci's Holiday To-Do List 

(which will not be too overwhelming so as to be achievable):

(what it looks like now eewwww!)
  • Bake something yummy like Date Scones or a Cinnamon Scroll. After reading blogs like Frills in the Hills I am craving hot, sweet, yummy stuff out of the oven.  I'm more of a casserole and baked dinner kind of cook so anything sweet coming out of my oven is not exactly worthy of repeating, but I keep trying.
  • Remove all the cobwebs that have suddenly appeared in and around my house.  I feel like we are being prepared for an Arachnophobia horror film - WTF? Is it spider season?  And they're not little thin cute spiders, they are big brown and black ones with about half a dozen red backs populating a village in the pool fence!  Unfortunately every time the Nugget sees a spider he screams and then cries if I kill it. He's even been known to try and save ants. I heard a broom with lemon essence on it works to prevent spiders coming back so I'll give that a go.  If you know what really works, please let me know.
  • Scrub my floors!  They are disgusting even if I sweep them everyday and the occasional mop, I cannot make polished concrete floors look clean.  Once again, if you know how, tell me please!
  • Get a desk just for me!  Mr Moneymaker's desk is huge (that's not meant to be a euphanism), he has told me he can take part of it off the end to give to me as soon as he finds some spare legs to hold it up (no, still not a euphanism!).  At the moment the office part of our bedroom looks like this:
(My half on the left of the window, his on the right)

and I want my half to look like this:
(iMac, one day you will come)

I will need this transformation to happen with the minimum of cost so the designer chair is out for a start (I have agreed to share the existing office chair as there is no way in hell we will be able to work in the same room at the same time anyway).

So there's my list.  I don't think it's unachievable but I better get started on it soon, it's almost the end of the first week already!

What's your to-do list for the holidays or do you just chill (which is probably the smarter thing to do)?

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