Monday, April 9, 2012

A Good Weekend

You gotta love a long weekend.

I've eaten well, socialised with family, watched a whole season of Tangle on DVD (why didn't anyone tell me about this series earlier?) and taken my kids to the Easter Show (which was really an excuse for me to pat baby goats and attempt to kidnap a chicken and some ducklings).

We've had sun, wind and a little rain  but I got the washing dry in the end. I cooked a few good meals and one failed attempt at spinach and fetta filo slice (I really need to follow recipes more carefully).

I've spent many hours reading some great blogs and travelling along virtually with Eden in Africa.  I even (finally!) blogged about DPCON12 on Good Friday!

And now my brain is buzzing from watching Q&A with Richard Dawkins the Atheist vs George Pell the Cardinal - great stuff and though I'm not going to start blabbing on with my views on the existence of God or not, the Cardinal did not shine tonight.  Nuff said - read the #qanda stream on Twitter for more of EVERYONE'S opinion, (gotta love John Safran's tweets).

But I need to sign off this short post so Mr Moneymaker can go to sleep (laptop in bed, tsk tsk) to travel to Perth for a week tomorrow.  And I will not mention spending school holidays alone with the kids, no I won't.


  1. Gee, for only 4 days, you did a helluva lot ! The attempted kidnapping on poultry sounds enticing ;)
    Happy (belated) Easter, Becci...looks like I'll see ya again in June ;)

  2. You have had pretty good long weekend full of joy, sun, friends, family and delicious meals. That is the reason why I love holidays so much!


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