Friday, April 13, 2012

In bed with Tom Hanks on a Friday night

So this is what Friday nights have come to.  Sitting in my bed with the laptop, my iPhone, the rerun of Tom Hanks' The Terminal and my daughter's Ferrero Rocher.

I've been replaced in my lifestyle by my 13 year old daughter.  Right at this moment she is screaming like a banshee with her friends at her very first concert (One Direction of course!).  And I'm in bed at 8pm on a Friday night. Sad.

(yes my daughter was amongst that at Ch 7's Sunrise at 5am waiting for THEM)

Now I'm not saying I want to be a teenager again (God forbid! Who in their right mind would want to go through all that angst again???), just that I want a to have a little life left in me in my forties.  I guess it wasn't that long ago Friday nights meant going out to whatever pub my bestie and I chose to visit and have a whinge and a wine (or five) about life and then after some vodka and tonics come up with alternate careers, moneymaking ideas then invent stories about the people around us.

Some years before that (and before kids) Fridays meant going out to the movies or to see a band with Mr Moneymaker, getting silly drunk and dancing all night.  A couple of years before that Friday meant meeting up at Ryan's Bar at the bottom of Australia Square (where I worked) and drinking expensive champagne all night then bar hopping all the way up to the Rocks till about 3 in the morning.

Of course it wasn't all beer and skittles (crikey, even that phrase just shows how old I am).  These kind of Fridays would invariably wipe out Saturdays and sometimes a little bit of Sundays.  It would also wipe out a large portion of my pay packet.  So no, I don't really miss those days.  I like doing stuff in daylight hours.  And Ferrero Rocher is hard to beat.

Now it won't be long till my daughter will be pub crawling (I give it about 4 years knowing my family's reputation) and I'll be up late once again but this time waiting for her to get home safely.

I just hope she has as much fun as I did.

Do you miss anything about your pre kids Friday nights?

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  1. Great restaurants, beautiful wines, lingering over the table laughing for hours with friends. No cleaning up afterwards. Long sleep in the next day.

    Rachel xx


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