Tuesday, April 17, 2012

When I go all girly

I'm joining up with I Blog on Tuesdays with Jess and TeamIBOT.

I think I actually squealed when I saw a delivery van pulling in this afternoon. Like a girl.  That is not like me, ask anyone.  But I was expecting my goodies from Under The Shade of a Bonsai Tree which I won recently.  What made it even more squeally (is so a word!) was that it was addressed to Birdy Num Num - how cool is that.  I know some of you would say "meh" because you've been getting stuff addressed to your big blog name for some time but if you ever remember the first time you'll know what I mean.

Jacquie from USBT had asked me what was my favourite colours and I said probably purple but sometimes red (I thought purple was not a very popular colour for jewellery).  I am so stoked with what was in the box....

In other news, I spent a lovely Saturday with some friends in Leura where we shopped and lunched and afternoon tea'd (another new word!).  One of the highlights was Cafe Josophan's, the most delicious smelling chocolate shop I've seen.  I walked out with a couple of samples which had to be eaten straight away, a Cappucino Cup and a Grand Marnier chocolate. Sorry kids, you missed out (and you still have a shelf full in the fridge of those chocolate rabbits from Easter!).

I also scored these two bargains, a new Birdy Num Num necklace for $18 and a not so new overnight bag for $39 (which Mr Moneymaker tried to steal for his business trip the next day, the cheek! just because I justified the bargain by introducing it as OUR new overnight bag...).

And the final thing that made me squeal like a girl was this wall decoration which would be perfect above my non existent desk in the future, which is, of course, detailed with little birds.

What lovely stuff has made you squeal like a girl lately?


  1. Oh my word lovely I would have squealed as well! Yay! How awesome and exciting for you - lots of lovely things for you!!

  2. I love your photos. I squealed today when I was given the chance to drive a convertible for a week. I have never driven one and have always wanted too. Rachel x

  3. Love the necklace and the snacks...getting the slow trickle of work that I actually WANT to do has been making me squeal lately - daggy but true

  4. I'd be squealing like a girl too! What awesome pretties.. I did however get a little mesmerised by those cappuccino cups.. NOM! Loz x

  5. Love those necklaces! So pretty!

    The last time I squealed like a girl was probably at DPCON because I was so excited to meet people :)


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