Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Sweet Blog Award

Just when I felt like (and even admitted to) a fake, some lovely reader gave me this:

As I said when I thanked the lovely Marlia from Marlia's World, who bestowed this upon me, it's been a long time since anybody called me sweet!  Sarcastic? yes. Dry? yes. Out there? used to be. But sweet?  This bloggy business must be making me soft (about time, some would say).  And to top it off, she even called me a "young mum"! Gotta love that!

She enlightened me to other sweet bloggers (which I now follow) and let me know that my obligations in accepting this award is the following:

1. I must proudly post the award in my acceptance blog.   DONE!
2. I must thank the person presenting the award and post a link back to their blog.    DONE!
3. I must share 7 completely random facts about myself.  
  • I am sometimes very anal about totally unimportant things like the proper way to hang washing out or stack a dishwasher or make a bed (yes Mr Moneymaker, I'm talking to you!).
  • I tell my family I can sing and they believe that I believe I can, but the truth is I just enjoy belting out one as if I really can.
  • I never panic in a crisis (well so far anyway). Unless someone eats my chocolate I've hidden in the back of the fridge (guys, I only need one little square to make me happy!).
  • I would love to cut all my hair off and have an Ellen De Generes cut and colour it fuschia.
  • I despair at the stupidity of people in power and sigh alot at the nightly news.
  • I wish I could go back and redo my teen years - but do it right this time (stay at school, travel, don't shack up with the first bloke that showed an interest).
  • I had a vision just after I turned 30 that my life would eventually look like this, even though at the time there was no way in hell there was a hint this could happen.

4. I must nominate 5 fellow bloggers to receive this award and post a note on their blog letting them know they have been given an award.

I could give you so many more (see list on the right) that I spend hours reading but I've picked these 5 for all the reasons that make for a sweet blogger.  I have other words that could describe them all, like powerful, creative, generous, unafraid, strong, hilarious, enlightening and worth staying up all night to read.  I've been lucky enough to meet a few of them and hopefully will meet alot more at the Digital Parents Conference in Melbourne next month.


5. I must state these rules in my acceptance blog. DONE! 

Now I better get onto that number 4 before Mr Moneymaker comes upstairs and asks me yet again when am I coming to bed!


  1. Congrats Becci, you have a lovely blog.

  2. Well when YOUR eldest turns 30 I will stop calling you young!!

    I relate to you because 5 of your 7 things about yourself apply to me. Except item 4 which I have done(but not red- let it go grey..shock horror) and item 6 which gets a big OMG NO! response from me - do NOT want to go back there, specially since it would mean giving back my daughter... no way.

    I also feel your opening remark. I am going through the same thing.

    So, buck up, life's good! Writing is good and blogging is good.


    1. So I'll be 62 when she's 30?!?! She better have popped out a few grandkids by then. And yes, it's all good! :)


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