Thursday, February 16, 2012

Growing some lady balls

[Check out my guest post "Six Months in a Leaky Tent" at The Mummy Autobiography thanks to Miss Pink. Should I read this out at Open Mic at DPCON12?]

I really need to start thinking about where this blog is going.

I'm at best an inconsistent blogger and though I like to be included in the mummy blogger world, it's not often I post about parenting.

Sometimes I get serious and sometimes I'll be having a chuckle to myself and hoping you're chuckling alongside me.  But mostly it's just me rambling with no one to stop me.

I do have passionate thoughts about some issues but my lack of knowledge (and confidence) stops me from following through.  I would love to know that I can hold an informed and enthusiastic discussion with a respected peer without thinking every minute "God I sound stupid.  Why can't I remember that word describing what's-his-name's role in some-or-other country?"  Or thoughts to that effect.

So I've decided to give myself the virtual slap-up-side-a-the-head and push myself out there.

Time to grow some Lady Balls.

Buying my ticket to DPCON12 is a start and I might even volunteer to go up on the open mic to really scare the shit out of myself (aaah, not a good vision there).  I've even left myself open and uncommitted after I land in Melbourne.  I'm catching the shuttle into the city that night and, unless I get lucky on the Pre-Conference Drinks Night waiting list, I'm free as a bird, Becci Bird that is (nyuck nyuck - Foghorn Leghorn style).

So what do you think?  At 45 shouldn't I just grow up and stop worrying I'm not good enough?


  1. You are perfect just the way you are. And email Trae about the open mic! See you soon! x

    1. Thankyou! You're an inspiration in the perfection stakes. Looking forward to seeing you (and the amazing extravaganza you've put together). Still not sure about the open mic thing though....


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