Saturday, February 11, 2012

Bloggers' Big Bash

Ok, there’s no hiding the fact I’m not amongst the big time contenders in the blogging world.  I do a post when I feel like it and it’s not exactly deep (like Eden), enlightening (like Mamamia), useful (like Down to Earth), stylish (like Show Pony)  or hilarious (like Mrs Woog).  I don’t consider myself controversial or a trend setter with any influence on anybody.  I like to write and occasionally I get the time to have a rant or reflect on the things that have happened in my past (watch out for my guest post on The Mummy Autobiography next week).

But I do have dreams.  And one day I would like my blog to be entertaining, inspiring, attractive and maybe even support itself enough so I can pay for all those eye creams I need to put on the shadows under my eyes from staying up late tapping away on the laptop instead of spooning Mr Moneymaker.  One day I would like people to enjoy it almost as much as I enjoy those blogs I am distracted by all night when I should be writing (see list over to the right? And I haven’t updated it lately so there’s even more I spend all night reading). 

Sooooo ….. I bought a ticket to DigitalParents Conference 2012!  I’m very nervous and that horrible voice is telling me I’m once again out of my league and a big fat fake.  My logical grown-up self is saying get over it and dive in.  So I am.

Digital Parents

Help!  I don’t even know how I’m going to afford accommodation – or whether all the rooms have already been booked!  I hope there's a mini bar. Ah well, there’s nothing like spontaneity.


  1. Nothing like jumping in feet first. Just remember that not everyone there will feel confident and many will pretend they are in their element. Most won't be. Just kick back, soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the experience. have fun. M.

  2. p.s. Becci, I have an award for you on my blog. When you have a chance come check it out. You will need to read both parts of the award blog.

    1. Wow! Thankyou, I am honoured (and not in the way Emmy award nominations say they're just honoured to be honoured). Anyway, better get on to fulfilling my obligations. Thanks again Marlia!


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