Friday, February 17, 2012

One year blogging, eleven years married

So tomorrow marks one year of (serious) blogging. I wrote "A brand new view" one year ago after four half arsed attempts in 2010.

And I guess more importantly, Sunday marks our 11th wedding anniversary.  We've actually been together 15 years but on the 19th February in 2001 (just after our daughter turned 2), we scooted off to Fiji with some friends and got married barefoot on the edge of the sea.  But that's another post/story.

I can only hope my blog lasts as long as it was also launched by the water.  I do love a view of the aquatic nature, after all, I am a Pisces.

Not long after getting into the blogging game, I started to read the blog posts and Tweets from  the lucky ones going to the Aussie Mums Conference in Sydney.  I promised myself (while listening to the live twittering from the conference) that I would do my darndest to get there in 2011.  Then I heard it was going to be in Melbourne.  When it was getting closer I realised that our first year in our dream house was costing enough to stop us from living the lifestyle we had only just got used to living.

But as blogging is my hobby (and it hasn't cost me much moola at all over the last year) and Mr Moneymaker's hobby (soccer) has cost hundreds (rego, shoes, dinners, weekends etc), I negotiated a couple of trips this year.  And yes, DPCON12 is one of them (YAY!).  (The other one is a return with sisters and cousin to the Broadbeach Blues Festival in May! Woohoo!)

This means I can combine a nerve wracking but thrilling mixup with the bloggers I love and a weekend with my bestie (the one who moved to Melbourne a year ago).  Win Win!  And was even able to buy the plane tickets with Mr Moneymaker's frequent flyer points (soooo many work trips, let's not even mention him going to New York without me).

Reading back on that post a year ago, I hope I've improved a little (or alot?) and I know since then I've achieved alot - not just on Birdy Num Num but also in the real world.

  • My job is much busier and more interesting.
  • I've made new friends through blogging, with parents from new schools and new sporting teams (my kids', not mine!).
  • I've won some great rewards through blogging too.  Not only in competitions but involvement in reviews and trials (thanks Soup!).
  • I've managed to do alot of walking (try to do the bay at least once a week, striving for three times a week).  
  • I've fixed alot of my health issues by having a hysterectomy (which was much easier than I thought).  You can read about it here and here and here and here .
  • I've also seen my mother lose her battle with dementia and many physical ailments.  She hung on for much longer than any of us thought possible and just showed not only lifelong stubborness but also her resiliance that got her through a tough 86 years.
  • I've joined my siblings and cousins at a wonderful wake for both our parents where we wished their ashes farewell by the water in Ballina.

Happy anniversary Birdy Num Num!  Here's cheers to many more.

Joining up with the crowd at Where's My Glow? for FlogYoBlog Friday who is also having an anniversary of the bloggy kind. Well fostered, Glow!


  1. Happy anniversary...and here's to many many years more - more than 11. Sounds like you had one of those years that expands your horizons. One of those that you will remember for a long time and look back on as being significant. All the very best to you.

  2. Happy anniversary!! I do not think that I have visited your blog before, but I love what I read!

    DPCON12 is super exciting, but super scary too. I am with you on that.

    PS. Cons are my shoe of choice in the cooler months! I like to buy a new colour every year. We are clearly twins separated at birth!!

  3. Happy bloggy birthday (and real anniversary!) Enjoy the Digi conference, I think you deserve the treat! x


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