Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Thirty years and counting

Me at around 16, a bit out of focus (me AND the photo quality)

That's thirty years working, not how old I am (God, I wish!).  It's hard to believe that I've been working as long as and sometimes longer than the age of most of the people I've worked with.  If that makes sense.
And where have I got? Well not far, so a more interesting answer is "What have I done?"  So in (roughly) chronological order:

  • Shop assistant at the local newsagency (was still in Year 10 - or fourth form as it was known way back then).
  • Library assistant at CSR (then a couple of moves till Library Manager's Secretary).
  • A brief spell at a desktop publisher when I thought I could be a graphic designer. Not only did I not get on their sponsored course but the boss made me cry everyday till I left two weeks later.
  • Research Lab assistant at Jands where I helped design computer generated prototypes for sound and lighting boards. Loved the spot welding on the tiny electrical boards and the free tickets to Elton John but didn't like the sexual harassment - I was only 18 after all!
  • Then about four years of office temping in the city - cannot remember exactly where but amongst them were finance companies, advertising companies, legal firms, accountants and finally Lend Lease.
  • Lend Lease offered me a permanent gig and I stayed for 10 years - moved through the different divisions including building, retail, leasing (so many contracts typed!), design, environmental law and retail management. Great times, great social life and great friends got me through my first marriage.
  • This took me to motherhood and a year off (ha!).
  • Then the prospect of going back into the corporate world in the city wasn't particularly attractive (those buses aren't exactly reliable when child care closes right on 6pm). I thought I found the best part time job just a walk away in a small web design and systems company (there was no cash payout to new parents 13 years ago so any income was welcome).  It turned out to be a nightmare.  The boss's ego was too big for the office he could not afford to rent and his people skills involved humiliating as many employees as possible in one day. After two miserable years (and some stories that will be told another time), I made a last ditch attempt to ask for a raise (I was paid as a receptionist but was doing technical support, website design and maintenance along with sales, accounts and office cleaning!), he used his silent partner to retrench me. 
  • I then signed up at an agency who got me a job ACROSS THE ROAD FROM THAT JOB! It was wonderful. They were caring, flexible and didn't bat an eyelid when I discovered I was pregnant a month later!
  • Been employed by them for the last 10 years (in various departments) with a break for another bub.  And I hope to be there for another 10 (unless the Moneymaker makes alot of money one day and I can retire and attend every bloggy event known to (wo)man.
In all that time I've undertaken several courses and completed a Certificate IV in Frontline Business (whatever that means!).  I'm contemplating doing something a little more serious, like a degree (aargh!) but my undisciplined arse can't be arse'd at the moment.
    And what did I want to do when I grew up?  A journalist.  I better get onto that.......

    What did you want to do when you grew up and (assuming you're grown up now), what is your profession now?

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    1. I wanted to be a good any things; a writer, a doctor, an actress and a mum.

      I'm a mum and I write and ocassionally act on my vlogs, and live vicariously through greys anatomy so I haven't done too bad. :)

      1. You've successfully achieved all your dreams! In a way. And being a mum does cover alot of areas, including doctor (bandaid anyone?).

    2. My first job was in a chicken shop. I am still a demon with a pai of chicken shears. Leg or breast ma'am?

      1. My husband had the same first job but can't even look at chicken on the bone anymore, Red Rooster ruined a good roast chook for him.


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