Thursday, September 29, 2011

Win a Panasonic Rice Cooker and 2 Toothbrushes!!!

The lovely ladies at Soup had invited me to an opportunity to go and hang out in a swanky penthouse suite in the city last week and not only be served tiny little morsels of really yummy food and excellent wine, but also got to be amongst some of the first Aussies to perve on brand new Panasonic appliances. How could this humble beginner blogger resist?

Amongst the harbour views we viewed the new washing machine (with its surreal see through casing so we could see how it really works), refrigerator, air conditioner (almost convincing this greenie that I needed one with its air filterer), rice cookers, breadmakers, microwaves, cordless phone, iron, toothbrushes and shavers. A couple of the appliances weren't even available in Australia yet, like the refrigerator and washing machine.

As I am trying to convince my family that the white, cotton wool type sandwich bread isn't the best bread in the world, I am hankering after a breadmaker (even as much as an iPad). I know our household is on spending freeze for at least another year, so I wanted to be sure it wouldn't be one of those appliances you buy and hide in the cupboard because it's just all too hard to use and clean. Well this one looked handsome enough to leave out on the bench and really simple for this lazy housewife to clean.

The SD-2501 boasts a large capacity raisin and nut dispenser to ensure that additional ingredients such as nuts and dried fruit are added at the correct time and are evenly dispersed throughout the loaf. After baking is complete, the dispenser can be removed for easy cleaning.

The SD-2501 has a variety of bread programs including Gluten Free and Rye Bread modes. The new Specialty mode also allows users to bake bread with ease using various cereals and flours – such as spelt flour. It also has a raisin and nut dispenser which adds them just at the right time during the process so they are evenly dispersed in the loaf.

And this was really surprising! It even makes jam! I had no idea it could also make the stuff to go on the bread! But wait, there's more. The breadpan and kneading blade is coated in diamonds, yes really! This strange use of a girl's best friend ensures that the bread doesn't stick to the pan, so when you tip it up, it comes out easily. Probably makes cleaning a whole lot easier too.

But what you really want to know about is the rice cooker, right? You can win the newest model SR-MS183WST which uses advanced fuzzy logic technology which means when cooking is complete, it automatically switches to Keep Warm Mode and the rice is maintained at the perfect temperature. It has eight pre-programmed options, including a handy quick cook feature. You can choose ‘sticky’ for the perfect sushi rice, programs that allow you to cook porridge and cake, or even use the slow-cook mode for soups and stews. It even has steam program which works well with food like dumplings or healthy vegetables. So really, you may not need any other appliance in the kitchen! (Except that bread maker of course).

As well as the Rice Cooker, Panasonic are throwing in two electric toothbrushes which come in some lovely colours. The model is the EW-DS11 which has a lot of other great features which you can read here. I love that it comes with a cap, is only 16cm long and you can carry one around in your handbag (just don't get it mixed up with your mascara!).

Bugger! Wish I could enter. But seeing this is my first ever giveaway, I'll play by the rules and leave it up to you guys to grab onto this great competition. This is all thanks to Soup, a word-of-mouth marketing company that I've been involved with a few times before. Check out their site where you can become a "Souper" and have your say about products and participate in reviews and surveys.

[Please note that this competition has closed as of midnight Sunday 23rd October. Thankyou everyone for your entries! Winner will be announced by Thursday 27th October so watch for the post on that day!]

To win the Rice Cooker and Toothbruses, all you need to do is:

1. Leave a comment letting me know what appliance makes your life easier (or what appliance would you love to have) in 25 words or less; AND
2. Make sure you can be contacted via email through your profile on the comment; AND
3. Follow my blog (by submitting your email address over on the right), and let me know you have in your comment.

The best entry will be chosen by myself and Michelle from Soup and the winner will win:
- The Panasonic Rice Cooker (Model SR-MS183WST), RRP value of $209; and
- Two Panasonic Toothbrushes (Model EW-DS11) for you and your favourite person (or keep them both for yourself!); RRP value of $32.95 each
- Total Prize has a RRP of AU$274.90!!!

If you want to know anything more about these and other Panasonic products, maybe the new refrigerator or air conditioner, have a look at Panasonic's website for details.

1. The Promoter is Birdy Num Num ( with prizes supplied by Soup (
2. Submission for this prize constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions. All entry instructions and competition information published by the Promoter form part of these conditions. Entry is via the Internet only.
3. Entry to the competition is open to all residents of Australia over the age of 18 (sorry followers overseas!).
4. The competition commences on Thursday 29th September 2011 (AEST) and closes at 12 midnight Sunday 23rd October 2011 (AEST).
5. To be eligible for the prize, persons must submit a response (in 25 words or less) to the question via public post on Birdy Num Num "What appliance makes your life easier (or what appliance would you love to have)?"
6. The person who in the Judges' opinion submits the most original and creative answers, will be declared the winner. The Judges' decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. This is a competition of skill and chance plays no part in determining the outcome. Entries must be the Entrant’s own work and must not infringe any rights of third parties.
7. Prizes are not transferable, exchangeable, or redeemable for cash. The prizes must be taken as offered and cannot be varied. The Promoter accepts no responsibility for any tax implications that may arise from the prize winnings. Independent financial advice should be sought. The Promoter accepts no responsibility for any variation in the prize value. The Promoter accepts no responsibility if the prizes are lost or stolen. The Promoter reserves the right to replace any prize with another of equivalent retail value without notice.
8. Judging will take place by Wednesday 26th October 2011 when winners will be chosen. The winners will be notified by email within 5 days of the judging date. Names of the winners may also be published on Birdy Num Num unless requested otherwise.
9. Prizes will be posted to the winners at the address nominated by them, via email correspondence with the promoter within seven (7) days of the winners being notified.



  1. My favourite appliance is my toasted sandwich maker! I use it every day for me, and the kids just love toasted sandwiches.

  2. My favorite appliance is my husband, he turns my kettle on, tunes my television, bakes my bread and cooks my rice :-)

    Marita at Stuff With Thing

  3. I follow your blog!

    The appliance I would love to have is a household robot - it could wash my dishes, vacuum the floor and pick up the mess that gets strewn everywhere! But I guess until they invent one that works properly (hint hint Panasonic ;) ), I'll have to do the housework myself :P

  4. Panasonic rice cooker would make my life a breeze,
    No more rice sticking and burnt, just to tease.
    Light and fluffy, Oh yes please
    Thanks panasonic, am pleading on my knees !!
    following your blog
    thanks for a chance.

  5. My slow-cooker. Whack all the ingredients in, walk out, come home & Bobs your Uncle. Meal Cooked! Life Saver!

    Great competition, am following your blog & email is

  6. Follow ur blog and twitter ant i cant live without my Blender to prepare mexican sauces

  7. My dishwasher is my godsend! Throw the dirty mess inside, shut the door and it looks like I've been busy cleaning!

  8. My most useful appliance is my programmable coffee pot. Start brewing at 6.30am. The smell of fresh coffee is my alarm clock and the taste of fresh coffee charges my batteries up for the day.



  9. Would trade hubby for a Robomaid,
    Okay maybe not but it would be a lovely change to not have to sweep all day!
    Pesky crumbs!

    Follower :)

  10. I can't live without my microwave. I make all my meals in there!

  11. I can't live without my microwave, I cook all my meals there!

  12. Would love a device that reminded hubby of important dates, like my 40th that he forgot and our 15th wedding anniversary. Normal methods have all failed.
    Mystery Case

  13. I love to make curry for four,
    Hot chicken, mild veggie and more.
    Basmati rice
    Is always nice -
    Oh no! Overcooked once more!


  14. A vacuum, a mop, a forgetful mom
    a stove, a pot, a hungry lot!
    save me Mr rice cooker so i can vacuum in peace

    Yvonne Lim
    followed your blog:)

  15. Wakes me up,gets me going!
    Keeps the coffee and conversation flowing!
    Just add a barista to complete my dream
    Perfect appliance-A coffee machine

  16. Forgot to say,I'm following your blog

  17. My slow cooker is on all day, while I go out and live, laugh and play.

  18. Rice cooker helps me in different ways - hot oats breakfast,steamed vegetables in steamer rack.Rissoto,soups and poached fruit can be made quickly.

  19. My all day slow cooker is what I adore. Place in meat and veggies, wait and volia! Soup fit for a king and all so easy.

    Follower of your blog.

  20. When the routine's hectic, lifestyle's madcap,
    Need hot water boiled FAST in a snap...
    LOVE my electric kettle! Coffee with a zap!

    Following your blog.

  21. following blog through GFC

    I love my vacuum cleaner because it picks up where hubby left off

  22. following blog

    A-nything's better than hand washing
    N-eed, want, love washing machine
    S-aves water
    O-ne less chore
    N-o dirt or stains
    C-lean clothes everytime

  23. I've heard the buzz about Panasonic teeth...sounds neat!
    For perfection fluffy Panasonic and forget sounds nice!

  24. I have 2 very handy appliances:
    a green energy dishwasher in the form of my son and a great bbq cook -my hubby

  25. The appliance makes my life easier is my kettle because it boils within 40 seconds!

    I'm following your blog through my email.

  26. Can't live without my Panasonic phones;
    I've now got six all over my home;
    The kids leave them around, can rarely be found;
    But I get excited when I hear that sound;
    Could the caller be about this competition win?;
    Doubtful but I'll still answer with a grin;
    Just in case;
    My heart starts to race;
    Thinking of where a ricemaker I'd place;
    Easy dinners with rice and teeth both bright;
    Does Panasonic make an appliance that isn't just right?

  27. Blog follower.

    I know it's SO lame to say it but at the moment my favourite appliance would have to be the coffee machine... because it's seriously the only thing getting me through those sleep-deprived and endless washing-filled days!

  28. The Washing Machine: throw in the soiled, out come the clean. A time & sanity saving marvel.

    GFC: Mary Preston
    Email Subscriber: marypres(AT)gmail(DOT)com

  29. This washing machine is very good , I'm using this Panasonic washing machine for better experience.


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