Saturday, October 8, 2011

This is the end .... of school holidays! Yay!

TGIF and TGI end of the school holidays!!! I'm actually glad to go back to work.

The last two weeks have been good but hectic with my best friend and her kids visiting from Melbourne. The garage turned rumpus room worked well but it makes me appreciate having only TWO children. And I will need to go on a detox after drinking almost every night.

Bestie shouted us a beach house stay for three nights and it was only a few minutes walk from the beach. Though the weather could've have been more "beachy" we did let the five kids run free while the three mums relaxed and chatted about life and death and everything you do while drinking. I also took my dog along and he's still recovering from all that running on sand. They nicknamed him CBD as he was so obviously a city pooch on holidays.

Friday was originally planned for Luna Park but when the forecast said rain and I was sent four tickets for Masterchef Live from a friend, guess what I was pushing for? But of course, the morning started shining and the kids started whingeing and what were we to do? Bloody Luna Park, that's what. But it wasn't that bad (except for the fact they charge you $45 per kid then won't let the parent in to keep an eye on them in Coney Island - which was under renovation as well - even when there was a creepy guy with no teeth running around the place alone going on all the rides and screaming along with the kids who was obviously closer to 50 than 15!).

I loved that my little 8 year old Nugget didn't get pressured into going on the scary rides no matter how much the others pushed and then he wanted to ride the little train again and again. And the once-scared-of-her-own-shadow 12 year old Chicken wanted to go on EVERY scary ride! The munchkins still surprise me sometimes, I guess I don't have them all figured out yet.

After our holiday visitors left this morning, I did get my wish and took my two to see Masterchef Live at the Entertainment Quarter (it also gave Moneymaker a chance to do the taxes in peace). We actually ate our way around the two exhibition halls with some tiny little drinks in between. My friend from Spiral Foods was working there amongst the organic booths and gave us a little insider's knowledge and directed us to the best chocolate and the best wine (yums for Mum!) - sorry couldn't remember the names as I ate/drank and ran.

Between relaxing at Cocabana, shopping and Mexican at Terrigal, running striding on beach with dog and kids, watching them on scary rides at Luna Park, doing the rounds for hours around Masterchef and listening to all night kiddy chats, I AM EXHAUSTED!!!! Could be the aenemia from pesky-fybroidic-uterus talking but I am almost looking forward to my hysterectomy - hospital stay and 4 weeks off work. Sad, I know. I must be getting old.

How did your school holidays go? Am I the only one looking forward to my desk?

Back to the daily grind on Monday and before I know it I'll be spending four weeks on the couch so expect plenty of blogging then. And don't forget you've only got a couple of weeks to enter my first competition for a Panasonic Rice Cooker and Toothbrushes!

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  1. Sounds like you had fun. I too am absolutely exhausted after the hols. Looking forward to a good night sleep and day alone tomorrow.


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