Friday, September 23, 2011

Watch this Space

So much happening at the moment that I don't know when I'll next be able to sit down and just ramble on again.

I should be writing a review for a product launch I went to through Soup on Wednesday night which was a lovely break from the mid week routine of ferrying kids around, making dinner and cleaning. It was held in a penthouse suite in Kings Cross with spectacular views of the city and harbour and we were drowned in great food and wine plus shiny new appliances, some that haven't even reached our shores yet. I will be posting soon on these and will have ..... drumroll please .... my first giveaway! And I know that it's pretty good, so good I wish I could enter it too.

Seeing it's my first giveaway I will need to first investigate how I should actually do that, ie. how do I put a random picker on my blog?? I will definitely be seeking advice from the ones who know/the bloggers I follow.

But first I must finish this, go home and start to make myself presentable enough to join our soccer mums at a big dinner night out at the Ivy in Sydney tonight. A bit spesh so I will need at least an hour to trowel on my face and squeeze my expanding bod into a little black and white dress.

Also, tomorrow night my friend from Melbourne is coming up with her kids to stay with us for the school holidays. And as we will be solving the world's problems over several bottles over several nights, I may not get on to the blog as often. But I will make sure that competition is posted soon.

I'm linking up with Where's My Glow's Flog Your Blog so let me know if you've come through there (and would you get your boomba's pummelled to get a cleavage? OK, I might but it would have to be very gentle pummelling).

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  1. - gives you a gadget for your random number winner selection. Good Luck with your giveaway and if you have time check out mine on monday 26 Sept.

    Cheers Becci - enjoy your friend's company.



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