Friday, September 16, 2011

Useless Uterus

[What I would like mine to look like]

OK, that title is a little off. But it just popped into my head when I was trying to work out whether I should have the hysterectomy my new gyno just recommended.

Heavy, eh? Not sure if I should be sharing this but if you've got this far and not freaked out (bye bye any men reading, and teenage girls!), I will go on to explain.

For all of my life I have been blessed with obedient and discreet periods. They are on time (thanks to taking the pill), were light and not very painful. Even after two kids they sprung back to their normal monthly routine. Lovely! you say, good for you! But in the last 9 months I've discovered how alot of other women feel about them. They changed. They became heavy, very, very heavy and could last up to 10 days. Along with bloating and cramps I thought I was "having the change"! At 45 it's not unheard of but I was not happy about it. When they became so bad I had to run drive home from work to change, my husband suggested that maybe I should go ask the doctor if this was normal.

After the recommended ultrasound he showed me I had eight fibroids growing in my uterus and they had started to push out some of my organs! Eeeeewwwww! That would explain all the digestion problems I had been having. I was a little taken aback and freaked out that these things were growing away inside of me (a bit like when I discovered I was pregnant), but just thankful it wasn't anything more serious. He said I would probably need an operation and referred me to a specialist.

Many dollars later (and another little inspection), she said the best option was a hysterectomy. I didn't think that word would come up now, if ever, and it was a little shocking. I instantly thought "that's it, my youth is over, I'm about to become a dried up old woman"!

But the doctor said even though it was called a Total Hysterectomy, they didn't need to take the ovaries out so I would not go through menopause. Thank God! I wasn't ready for that yet. The thought of never having periods again or having to take the pill was pretty inviting though!

Now, the Moneymaker and I knew we didn't want anymore kids and he was due to have a vasectomy next year (I gave him till he turned 40), but I wasn't sure how I would change if I had this operation. I did a little googling and saw the usual sites dedicated to natural remedies and lifestyle changes but the one piece of information I was concerned about was the change to my "bits". Some health sites said that when the cervix is taken out a new "roof" was put in and also when the uterus is removed it could affect "enjoyment". I don't want to get specific (I am a lady after all - well here I pretend to be one), but I enjoy sex and I don't want it to change. It's part of my life and always has been. Besides chocolate eclairs and sav blanc on the balcony, it's a favourite part of my personal life.

So if you have had a hysterectomy to remove fibroids (the one where they leave your ovaries) or if you know of someone that has, please let me know if it has changed your life in any way. I'm due to give the doc an answer next week and I want to weigh up my options (not there are many).

And apologies to those that just cruised over here for some light entertainment. Sorry to disappoint and pour my guts out - so to speak!


  1. Yes!!!!!!!!! Me!!! This is me!! Totally identical. Totally THE best thing I have ever done. No problems again. Don't hesitate, honey, do it. Do it now.

  2. One of my staff had this problem and was constantly having days off. She put it off and off and off because she was a bit scared of the procedure. Finally we all yelled at her and she went. She says it is the BEST thing she ever did. We all agree as she is at work more now and not quite so cranky. LOL

    You seem a sensible lass do what you feel is best...but you are not old yet.

    All the very best.


  3. You guys are actually making me look forward to it! Thanks, looks like I'll be a new woman by Christmas! Ho Ho Ho !!! ;}

  4. My step-sister had hers last week because of a fibroid problem. Can let you know how she goes re sex! I have fibroids too which were discovered when I fell pregnant with 4YO. Am keeping an eye on them so may be in the Sans Uterus Club with you soon too. xx

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