Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 23 - What I'm reading now

Finally bought Mia Freedman's "Mama Mia" on National Bookshop Day at Leichhard't Berkelouw last Saturday. A few chapters in only but I AM LOVING IT! Can even relate to her relationship with 'Charlie' as my first was similar.

We love going to bookshops and usually all end up buying something. My husband bought Peter Fitzimons memoir "A Simpler Time" (he's a big fan of his biographies); Nugget bought Harry Potter (couldn't tell you which one he's up to but I was impressed!) and Chicken decided she wanted to buy a new top instead for a party that night (priorities darling! only because she is still halfway through "The Slap"). So that's alright.


  1. Thanks for popping over to my blog. Did you know you can get your own domain for just $10?

  2. Thanks Lucy, I've got the domain just haven't researched into the hosting yet. Crazy as a decade ago I was creating and maintaining websites for a small web company and I have forgotten how to do it now!

  3. I have heard someone to talk about that book.Is it good?


  4. From what I've read so far, great. Makes me want to be 20 years younger and going for the career I really wanted! Mia is my new idol.


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