Monday, August 22, 2011

Photo Challenge Catchup

As expected, I've fallen behind in my 30 day photo challenge so I'll pop a few up in this one post.

Day 18: Something you’re currently borrowing from someone.
The fact that this picture is about 3 yrs old just points out to me that I'm only borrowing these little munchkins till they grow up (too quickly) and go out into the big mean world.

Day 19: Something you don’t have much of.
Who.has.enough.TIME????? Not me.

Day 20: A stuffed doll/animal that you own.
The orange character is Skewiff (because of his bent nose, like mine) that I've had since I was 5. The other is Bernie Bear that my husband bought me for our first Valentine's Day 15 years ago. Unfortunately they don't get to sit out all the time. They live in the old bed box they are sitting on. I will keep them both forever.

Day 21: Something from your bathroom.
This is the pile of resources I need EVERY morning to get out the door looking like something close to human (woops, should've hidden the pill!). And my contacts are missing because I've run out.

Day 22: Something sweet.
A little sweet jam rollette I'm having with my tea on a sweet plate made six years ago by my daughter when she was in pre-school. You can just make out her with her brother on the left of the plate. Cute.

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