Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day 17 of 30 Day Photo Challenge: Something I have too much of and is taking up unnecessary space

Most of us have way too many clothes. We collect them by the cupboard full, some of us even have whole rooms dedicated to them. Who could possibly wear all these clothes all the time. Because that's the thing, some of us (OK me!) wear a few things all the time and buy something new when I have to go somewhere special. But I've stopped that lately and even feel guilty if I buy something that's not out of an op shop or passed on to me. But I still have a wardrobe full of clothes and shoes I couldn't turn down from friends and sisters as that would be wasteful. But what's wasteful is how I'm clogging up this huge wardrobe (well it's huge compared to all my previous wardrobes). I need to follow Nicole Avery's or Katrina's example and be brutal and cull, cull, cull! [As you can see by the colour range in there, I'm an Autumn. What about you?]


  1. I'm a big "culler' myself, but then I have a tiny wardrobe!
    It was lovely meeting a fellow blogger in real life, thanks for dropping by my blog as well!

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  4. I enjoy shopping so much, I've stacked a couple of wardrobes ( well not huge ones) with clothes. I really need to get rid of the old ones. It will be so though giving up on them, though!


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