Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Birthing Stories

Came across Dr Bron's request for birthing stories on Twitter and felt compelled to post about it. Love a good birth story and after filling out her survey realised I should blog it as pretty short on material at the moment.

My little Chicken is 12 and my little Nugget is 8 now so it pays to put down how they came into the world before I lose EVERY brain cell and become a vague old lady.

With Chicken I loved being pregnant and it didn't stop me from doing anything I normally do even though I was 31 yrs old. I was just thankful to actually get pregnant after having the experience of 7 years of trying with my previous partner. Once my now hubby and I decided to try, it only took a shocking 2 months to get the blue lines on the pee stick. I had already gone through the stages of disappointment, anger and acceptance that I would never have children so it was a great surprise. I was still skinny when even fully preggos and had to force myself to eat more. Not because I felt sick but I was never a big eater back then (wow! that's changed!)

She was 8 days overdue and very small. My contractions started at 1am very mildly and by 6am we went to hospital. I had spent some time in the bath at home and then at the hospital where I fell asleep for a short time but by the time she was ready to come out I had been on my back on the hospital bed with only that useless gas to help me concentrate (what is that for?????? the father?).

I was not prepared for the feeling that my insides were about to burst out of my bum!! The water didn't burst until she popped out (at about 10am) and everyone down that end (dr, nurse, husband) got covered in blood and guts. She had a little cry and they popped her on my stomach where she opened her eyes wide and stared at her mum and dad. Five minutes later after everyone had left us alone, my then partner proposed to me - of course I accepted but all I really wanted was a cup of tea!. And yes, I got that too.

When I became pregnant with the Nugget I took natural birthing classes which helped me with the fear I felt as I knew what was going to happen. They were all a bit hippy and arty but I must admit they were alot more comforting than the birthing video we got the first time round! Why they show that I don't know, we had nightmares for weeks!

I had also booked into the birthing room at another hospital (moved from out West to inner city by then) so I could have a water birth as I felt that lying on my back (as in the first time) was a totally unnatural position (gravity people!).

Nugget was twice as big as Chicken and I was 4 years older so carrying him was hard as I have a very small frame. When I went to see the midwife for regular checkups, she kept saying how big the head was! Was this supposed to be comforting? I don't think so.

By the end of the pregnancy I could hardly walk and I was suffering from the worst haemorroids in my family history (and that's some bottom history). So I spent alot of time flat on the floor with my legs in the air.

The beginning of the labour (7 days late) started strong at 1am and we got to the birth clinic at 5am. This was after my husband took a relaxing time getting showered and dressed (even asked if he should iron his jeans?????? Aaaarrrrrgghhh! We almost didn't make the clinic but after hitting what seemed like every pothole there, we desperately rang the bell while I was doubled over at the back door. Once we got in the room and the midwife (no one else there) checked me she got me to kneel down and lean on husband who was sitting on a beanbag. There wasn't time to fill up the pool as after only about 30 min (when the midwife had gone into the next room to do some paperwork!), Nugget plopped out onto the floor fast asleep (he hasn't changed, as soon as his head hits the pillow lately, he's out)!

The second time round was much more intense but thankfully faster but I did almost bite through my husbands nipple during it. After getting settled on the double bed there she said she would check in a little while whether I needed stitches or not, but I willed myself to stop bleeding as I was more scared of them sewing me up than the birthing! So only a bit of a graze and no stitches again! Yay!

I wish I had both babies in the birthing clinic in the natural position as it was much easier and took less time (but that may not be the reason in the differences).

Two children are enough for me and as I'm now 45 with a 12 yr old and an 8 yr old, my third baby is a dog - so much less work!

The birth of Chicken was probably somewhat what I expected but I wasn't prepared for the pain. I had looked into epidurals but I was worried about my dodgy back and what effects it has on a baby. If I ever had another (God forbid!) I would have the same natural way Nugget was - he is as lay back and easygoing as his birth and Chicken is as dramatic and emotional as her birth.

I don't think it effects the way I mother, but it did set down our attitudes to the personalities of our children somewhat.

I still can't understand why doctors (and every movie, ad, portrayal) insist on mothers lying back on a bed to give birth! Even sitting up is so opposite to the way the baby should come out. It's like they have to climb up to come out rather than a clear straight line down to slip out like my second one did. They never show that position in movies or TV and it gives everyone a certain view of what giving birth should look like.

What position was good or bad for you? Do you think we only see the traditional old fashioned way in the media because that's what's expected of 'ladies'?


  1. loved reading your stories...I LOL at insides bursting out my bum...I distinctly remember saying, probably on more than one occasion, that I was sure the baby was going to come out my bottom. To this day I do not know whether I passed anything extra while giving birth :) I would have loved to have been able to give birth so naturally more times than I did but they all made it out healthy and in one piece so I console myself with that :) Tatum xx

  2. Thanks Tatum, the important thing is the safe exit of the babies and that they are healthy. But why doesn't anybody tell us about that feeling out of the backend?? Do they like to see the shock on our faces on top of everything else? ;]


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