Monday, August 15, 2011

Day 15 of 30 Day Photo Challenge: Something I don't use

Since moving into this house 8 months ago there are a few things I haven't used: the ducted vacuum (it sucks! no really! it doesn't do half the job my little cheap barrell sucker does); the heated floors - we are just too scared to turn them on, not because of any safety factor but the atrocious energy bill that would arrive (we are still getting used to having a pool filter running); and this appliance that is built into the kitchen - I believe it's a steamer oven. Would love to use it but haven't got around to finding out how it works. The only thing the previous owner said is that it will need some tablets to clean it out but I can't find a manual anywhere. If you are familiar with this appliance please let me know!

Another appliance I hardly ever use is the Playstation 3 - I suspect we can do alot more with than watch DVD's and the occasional racing game but once again, I have no idea what!

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