Monday, March 21, 2011

I'm a mummy blogger too!

This blogging world is a lot like a tardis, much bigger on the inside than what it seems from the outside. This is what I discovered in the last 3 days since my last entry as I’ve been reading everything I can lay my eyes on to do with the Aussie Bloggers Conference. I read as many rundowns of the event I could find, wandered through the blog entries, followed their tweets and have a new found respect for the mummy blogger.   Some of those ruling:;; to name only a few of the many.

As a newbie, found this page really helpful, as I could not attend. Only discovered it was on a week ago! It is now my writing goal to build the blog up until I feel entitled to attend next year. Hope I don’t disappoint myself – yet again and I can Nutbush with you all in 2012.

p.s. apologies if anyone found my last post a little cynical to those blogging about their lives, I’m hooked and I’m diving in! [also sorry for the crossed fishing/swimming metaphor…]

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