Friday, April 1, 2011

Support Group Needed

I’ve now become a mummy-blogger-follower-addict. Please someone help me! Is there a support group of similar readers who cannot start their day without a dose and are still ‘dosing’ on the iphone in bed while their husband is wondering what kind of virtual reality you’re disappearing into every night? Maybe this support group could start a blog that we could follow and give insightful comments on and then follow on our emails and twitter feeds??? Oh, I think that may defeat the purpose.

Maybe I’ve jumped into this friendly and comforting world because I don’t have my weekly dose of girlfriend chat on the balcony with tinkling of wine glasses as background music (she moved to a whole other state and phone chat is just not the same). Maybe it’s because I spend most of my workdays where the majority of the conversation is with a computer monitor. Maybe it’s because when I get home my family treat me like a maid and never want to help me solve the problems of the world (with tinkly glass music) unless it’s how to have dinner ready in under 20 minutes.

Whatever the reason, thank goodness I have found it. I found a connection with others that doesn’t appear in after school pickups or soccer fields. I suppose it’s similar to what husband finds comforting in being part of a sporting team - but I can chat to my friends whenever I want! I always know if someone is still awake at midnight and it makes me feel useful when I can hand out some advice (always willing to do that, my daughter tells me!).

And if Twitter isn’t the best invention since the telephone, I don’t know what is. I’ve never been more aware of shows that I’ll never be able to see and books that I’ll never have the time to read but I’m glad I’m aware of them. I can get outraged at any time of the day and cheer on those brave souls who go out and stand for what they believe in even if I’m still sitting on my couch watching trash TV (gotta love Craig Ferguson).

I admire all the beautifully designed websites, and great offers and competitions and struggle to think how I could make this blog look more inviting to you all and what I could I possibly offer the world through this page. The inspirations keep popping up though (thanks again Twitter).

Anyway, enough crawly-crawly-bum-lick, LOOK AT ME!! LOOK AT ME!! And please follow or just comment to say how I can improve (do it, I’m tough).

Must go and find wine now......

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